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Why buy Tentipi?

We have been proudly selling Tentipi® branded products now for many years and in that time we've come to respect and understand them more and more.

We are one of a handful of retailers in the UK privileged enough to work closely with these authentic and frequently lauded pieces of outdoor gear.

We invest in displaying these Nordic tipi tents all year round in store and at our tent display, as well as use them in our personal lives for our own pleasure.

Several of our staff members own Tentipi® products and even more have first hand experience camping in or pitching one.


Users of Tentipi products have a unique relationship with nature and it is this connection to the elements through the ease of pitching and the focus on the communal that Tentipi and their users thrive upon.

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For those who want a simple, traditional and communal camping experience in a tipi tent that can be pitched within only a few minutes, a Tentipi® branded Nordic tipi is the ideal solution.

Featuring the Tentipi Safir, Onyx, and Zirkon ranges, the expedition grade Tentipi Safir is the flagship model of the series, but all Tentipi tents feature a combination of simple design principles with technical materials and manufacturing, making them highly appealing for serious and casual campers alike.