Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask


The key to Hydro Flask products is the TempShield double wall vacuum build that features in every product. 

Fill with cold liquid and it stays that way for up to 24 hours. Use for your morning hot brew and it's up to 6 hours. The coffee products are ideal to use in a store and help lessen the disposable cup mountain or take on the morning commute, the water bottles are great for anything from a working day to a day in the hills.

Many of the Taunton Leisure staff use Hydro Flask, we recommend them!

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A unique seal construction on the bottom of Hydro Flask is different to other insulated products, it means they are lighter but just as strong.

Slim Profile:

Hydro Flask feature a small metal disk located between the two walls that absorbs all moisture and gas during the vacuum process. This means thinner walls than the competition with the same thermal performance.

Guaranteed for Life:

Hydro Flask has its own dedicated ovens to ensure stringent control over the entire production process
This creates consistency and high quality that leads to the best performing product – guaranteed