Read all about the origins of Bavaria’s biggest bootmaker, their approach to shoemaking, innovations, and the key products in our range.

Known throughout the outdoor industry for making comfortable, versatile, effective and robust pieces of outdoor footwear, Meindl’s success can be linked to its beautiful and intrepid natural surroundings in Bavaria almost as much as to the 200 immensely skilled shoe and bootmakers who work in its German factory today. With the first Meindl shoemaker, Petrus Meindl setting up shop in Bavaria all the way back in 1683, the Meindl legacy has grown into a passionate company which makes over a million pieces of footwear a year. At the helm now are Lars and Lucas Meindl, the 11th generation of Meindl family bootmakers.

Meindl boots have been trusted all over the world by some of the world’s most intrepid explorers and everyday outdoor enthusiasts – they’ve been on feet during Mount Everest expeditions all the way back down the mountain to pounding the pavement on intrepid city breaks. During all these years of success, the Meindl family has always kept innovation but also proper hands-on craftsmanship at the heart of their approach to bootmaking. Alfons Meindl was one of the first shoemakers to use a GORE-TEX membrane in a boot, making it waterproof and breathable, this close relationship between Meindl and Gore has now lasted for over 40 years.

A handcrafted legacy

Instead of breaking into a mass market, Meindl have always preferred to ensure superb quality. They have done this by maintaining a very hands on approach towards manufacturing. Though modern machinery is used throughout the Meindl factory, each machine is still operated by a skilled person. Meindl’s rigorous and high quality assurance systems are in place to ensure and immensely high-quality product worthy of your feet.
Meindl’s footwear designers incorporate the very best materials into their designs, amongst their range you will find premium leathers and innovative synthetic fabrics which compliment the Gore-Tex lining of many products to ensure maximum protection yet optimal breathability for superb hiking comfort.

High quality products and handmade goods need experienced retailers as a partner (how flattering), and we are here to answer any questions about our Meindl range. We also keep a close relationship with Meindl to ensure optimal post sale support. Meindl keep an excellent repairs service available to all who have purchased a piece of their footwear and we are here to support you in this process to help your Meindl footwear last as long as possible.

Wide feet? Try Meindl’s Comfort Fit

In our stores, we often have people coming to us lamenting that their wide feet are making it incredibly difficult to choose a pair of boots or walking shoes, and we know that poorly fitted footwear can be disastrous during your time in the outdoors and for the well-being of your feet. Sometimes a standard width shoe is simply not an option. To all those lamenting, we have Meindl’s outstandingly roomy but very practical ‘Comfort Fit’. Our selection of Meindl Comfort Fit shoes and boots is perfect for those with a wide to very wide forefoot, the shoes have a very wide sole base at the front. This provides ideal room and optimal volume for the foot, keeping the area around the ball of the foot cushioned while adjusting the big toe to sit comfortably in a good walking position. Comfort Fit shoes and boots narrow naturally towards the back in order to enable optimum grip on the heel offering great performance whilst walking and a sublime fit. The area around the toe box is high volume, allowing good flex without the ceiling on the forefoot rubbing against the top of the foot. Models featuring Meindl’s comfort fit include the PhiladelphiaActivoMondello and Meran.

Key pieces in our Meindl Range

Here are some of our favourite Meindl models in the range. We’re going to show them off and talk all about each one.

The Capri Sandal

The Meindl Capri Sandals are constructed from a high-quality nubuck leather and lined with a padded neoprene material, ensuring comfort and quick drying after exposure to water. The footbed is sculpted to provide support and comfort, whilst channels allow air to the soles of your feet on hot days. The chunky outer sole has enough tread to cope with rough ground, and the straps are fully adjustable and breathable.

Available in both mens and Capri is perfect for trails and paths, beach walks, amphibious adventures, hot summer weather and daily leisure use.

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The Philadelphia GTX

Here is a superb shoe just as popular for hard day walks across the hills and along rugged paths as it is for everyday (many consider smart/casual enough for work). A beautifully finished, double seamed nubuck leather makes up the main body of the shoe, it has been treated to be soft and flexible but also very durable. A Gore-Tex lining (GTX) makes the shoe waterproof along you to tackle shallow puddles and wet grass with ease. A distinct rounded shape supports and enhances the natural rolling movements of the foot, whilst the wide shape and softly cushioning footbed makes walking and hiking trips a really pleasurable experience.
An Air-Active Wellness Sport footbed provides a superbly comfy, cushioned insole simultaneously enabling the circulation of fresh air and the Comfort-Fit sole provides an excellent grip on a variety of terrain.
As expert footwear fitters, we consider this a superb shoe to try if you are wide footed and looking for optimal performance and comfort during day walks across fields, hills and valleys. It is very popular and we see customers often returning for another pair after the lifetime of the shoe is expended. With standard use and decent care, it is a shoe we’ve seen last several solid years of walking.

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The Kansas GTX

The Meindl Kansas GTX is ideal for demanding hikes in the low level mountains and easy trekking trips in the major mountain ranges of the world. The 3-season Kansas GTX is made from waxed nubuck leather uppers and a rubber toe-cap, giving you protection across a wide variety of terrains. The boot has a GORE-TEX membrane for waterproofing, an Air-Active footbed to wick moisture away from the foot, a Digafix lacing system for the perfect hold, and excellent cushioning to provide day-long comfort.
The Meindl Multigrip sole tread has an open angle, so that it self-cleans as you walk. The cleats at the front of the heel projects forward, providing more bite and grip, and the cleats in the centre of the sole make sure that the tread grips in all directions.
The Kansas GTX is a classic trekking boot. Perfect for lengthy walks and comfortable hikes in a gentle alpine landscapes to demanding hikes in the mountains.

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