Take a look at what’s new and ready for grand adventures in our latest OR range!

New to our range this camping season comes a great supply of family camping tents, driveaway awnings, furniture and accessories from Outdoor Revolution. Among their range, you’re sure to find expertly designed tents and camping goods which are can seriously upgrade your kit list this spring and summer.

We’re going to take this post to show you just what OR have in stock for us this season and what they’ve put in to create these superb family shelters.

The Kalahari 9.0DSE is a campsite palace which sleeps up 9 happy campers

One of the clearest things in OR’s ne range is just how luxuriously sized they are with BIG windows to let in loads of light. Sure to be the chief envy in many campsites across the UK, these tents are practically palaces compared to many other family tents, all optimising space for low prices. You’ll find generous spaces not only to sleep in but to live, sit and play across their whole range of tents and driveaway awnings.
Ease of use is something that OR has prided themselves on since their early days as a tent maker. We have a big selection of some of their very best inflatable tents which with a little practice can be set up in only minutes thanks to innovative inflatable beams and arches which keep the tents really solid and dependable, long gone are the days where you’ll worry about having to wake up to reinflate the tent in strong winds. These beams hold air exceptionally and can allow you to enjoy your getaway with supreme peace of mind.

The Movelite T4E Low is a superbly compact driveaway awning, easy to pitch and very easy to live in

We can’t write a blog about Outdoor Revolution without bringing up their exceptional range of driveaway awnings for those looking to bring extra comfort into their camping experience with the utility of a vehicle. This great range easily attaches itself to the side of your van and really brings versatility to your living space whether you intend to sleep beneath the awning or in your vehicle. Just as easily as it attaches, the shelter also detaches allowing you to driveaway for the day when you head to the beach or down the pub. The shelter will be standing securely, awaiting your return.

The Campstar Bundles offer you the chance of getting a high-standard tent, carpet and footprint at a great price.

On the more elite side of OR’s range lies their selection of Polycotton tents. Supremely breathable, these tents will be cool throughout the day whilst also insulating comfortably in the chilly evenings, you can also say goodbye to loathsome condensation build-up, the bane of any comfy camper. Polycotton is an excellent fabric, promising solid dependability as well as utmost durability and toughness against the elements.

All in all, our new range of Outdoor Revolution tents, awnings, furniture and equipment has gotten us truly excited for 2022’s camping adventures and we can’t wait to get back under the canvas with the night sky above us, outdoors.

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