We are Excited to be adding a new brand to our technical camping line up. Below we are going to let you know what makes Nemo Different, and what great products we have on offer.

In 2002 on the side of Mt Washington, Cam Bresinger had a particularly bad night in a poorly designed bivy. He realised there was an opportunity to design better outdoor equipment and so Cam founded NEMO in his senior year at Rhode Island School of Design and Launched the brand in 2004.

For the past 20 years NEMO still led by cam have carved a path a leaders and innovators in backpacking and camping.


NEMO makes some truly great lightweight tents, using innovative fabrics and pole designs.

We Stock the Dagger OSMO 2P and 3P, great lightweight backpacking tents that also have good green credentials using the OSMO PFC and PFAS free Fly sheet, made from 100% recycled yarns.

The Hubbed pole design means excellent space to weight ratio , with plenty of head height at just 1.86kg and 2.1kg respectively.

If you want and even lighter option we have the Dragonfly OSMO 1P, 2P and Dragonfly Bikepack 1P and 2P. Using a lighter version of the OSMO fly sheet, lighter floor and less interior hight.

The Bikepack option uses shorter pole sections making it easier to mount on handle bars or store in compact panniers.

Weight wise these are 1.2kg -1.8kg depending on which Variant you go for – super light for the space on offer! All the tents are available with an optional foot prints to boost water proofing and protect the sewn in floor.

Sleeping Bags

Nemo have you covered if you want a luxury lightweight sleeping bag. New this season is the Coda, a classic mummy bag stuffed with 800fp hydrophobic down, available with a comfort limit of -12C or -4C. The Coda features a Thermo Gill vent, so you can fine tune the insulation, it also has a zipped foot box for venting, vary rare in this style of bag.

With all the venting options it allows the bag to cover a wider temperature range. Also the Coda shell fabric is Mono-polymer allowing it to be easily recycled at the end of its life.

The Nemo Disco Sleeping Bags use a Spoon shape rather than mummy, making them excellent for side sleepers and people who want a bit more wiggle room, as they are cut wider at the elbos and knees.

Using a 650FP hydrophopic RDS certified down we have Mens and Ladies options offering Comfort Limits of -9C and -1C at 1.3kg and 1.03kg respectively.

They have a cosy Blanket Fold, waterproof Hood and Toe box, to reduce condensation effects inside a tent, and Thermo Gill vents to fine tune ventilation.

The Nemo Riff 15 takes the Disco Spoon design, but utilises 800fp down, and a slimmed down shape, to give you an ultralight but roomy sleeping bag with a comfort limit of -1C with a compact pack size and 910g weight.

Sleeping Mats

We are really excited to have the Tensor sleeping mats available to our customers. The Tensor Extreme has a massive 8.5 R-value, keeping you warm even at -28C and weighing just 587g in regular and 710g in regular wide.

For an even lighter options still warm enough for 4 season U.K usage check out the NEMO Tensor All Season warm enough to -12C and weighing 480g for the Mummy, 522g for the Regular, 620g for the Regular Wide and 664g for the Long Wide.

The Tensors mats include a Pump Sack to avoid getting moisture into the mat along with the Thermal Mirror metallized film to boost warmth with minimal weight.

Car Camping

If you are looking for the ultimate in camping sleep comfort check out the Nemo Roamer self inflating mats, available in an XL single or Double size.

What sets these apart from others is the Flow Core foam construction – clever design in the air channels makes this mat inflate and deflate much quicker than the competition.

It has a soft stretch knit topper and a heavy duty 75D bottom, making it soft to lie on but robust where it needs to be. It also comes with a really good duffle style storage bag, with room for some bedding.