This year, Therm-a-Rest have updated the NeoAir Xlite NXT and Xtherm NXT mats.

The original NeoAir completely revolutionised sleeping mats when the range was released back in 2009, its triangular core matrix and Thermacapture film suddenly made thick mats ultralight and compact without the need for an insulated filling.

New Therm-a-Rest NXT sleeping mats

So, what’s new for this season?

The new NXT range has made these award-winning mats even better.

To start, they are now 3 inches (7.62cm) thick, as opposed to 2.5in. If you prefer a softer pad, you can let out some air without worrying about your hips or shoulders touching the ground, meaning more comfort. They are also now warmer than the old models. The X-lite has an R-Value* of 4.5 which is good for up to 4 season use and the X-therm has is an ultra warm R-Value of 7.3 making it great for deep winter adventures or particularly cold sleepers.

* What’s R value? I hear you say! Here’s a quick guide from Therm-a-Rest

What is really impressive is they have made the NXT range both thicker and warmer, but not increased the weight to do so. The Regular Xtherm is still 440g and Regular Xlite 350g.

Quieter in use

Possibly the most important improvement is how much quieter these new models are compared to the previous version, if there was one thing that marred these great mats it was the crinkly sound which some people found very off-putting. Well, good news, Therm-a-Rest redeveloped the Thermacapture film and headed to an anechoic chamber to make these new pads 6 times quieter. Check out the below video, sound on 🙂 !

We offer the full NXT range, get the size and shape right for you.

These premium mats are a fair investment, so getting the right size and shape for you is vital. Gone are the days of all mats just coming in a standard size that could be too short for tall users or had excess weight and cost for shorter people. The options are extensive, and we carry the whole range of NXT models. In addition, new from Therm-a-Rest is the addition of a Max size, which is a large rectangular pad, so you can get the amazing weight saving, warmth and comfort benefits of the NeoAir but with a lot more wiggle room. Great if you move around a lot or just want a larger area of mat.

Try them out in store – we have a wide range of models for you to test, lie down, feel the comfort and pack them up to check size before you buy.

Size chart of the mummy shape Therm-a-Rest mats

The new Max size & shape (not featured in above graphic)

NeoAir Xlite NXT Mat – Regular

Compact pack sizes

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