Take a look into the world of ON as we unpack their unique technologies and sustainable credentials, showing just why they should be on your feet.

Born in the Swiss Alps in 2010, ON was founded by retired athlete, Olivier Bernhard. Frustrated with the shoes he’d worn before, he wanted to create a new kind of runner with a completely new feel. Working on prototypes, he used common materials such as garden hose glued to the soles of his new footwear project, helping him realise just what he was looking for. With the help of friends, Caspar Coppetti and Davide Allemann this new technology was finally realised, and ON’s Signature CloudTec sole was born.

The On Cloudwander waterproof is a superb multifunctional hiking shoe for everyday outdoor adventures, in any weather.

But what exactly is CloudTec?

CloudTec is ON’s signature technology and is incorporated into every model’s sole unit. It is a distinct cushioning system that allows for soft landings with a powerful takeoff, perfect for runners and hikers. The notably hollow lugs on each piece of footwear allow the rubber to flex and adapt uniquely to each wearer’s stride. This means optimum support and comfort, all adventure long. Put simply, CloudTec allows you to walk or run more comfortably for longer by staying comfortable and cutting out foot fatigue. You have to try it on to truly feel the value that a piece of ON footwear provides, but CloudTec has received huge praise from both professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts the world over.

The Cloudrock is ON’s signature hiking boot. Lightweight, comfortable, and immensely supportive, this is the perfect boot for ultra-light day walkers.

Let’s talk about sustainability

ON is dedicated to creating a future where every one of their products is fossil-free, and engineered for complete circularity. Their in-house science team, who are the clever minds behind implementing CloudTec into their products, are working on ground-breaking reusable materials and sustainable methods of production. Within our range of ON shoes, you’ll find uppers and waterproof membranes utilising recycled materials that importantly perform every bit as well as new.

Furthermore, ON don’t just stick to themselves. They work closely with community-based initiatives to aid in climate-based activism, as well as several foundations in supporting their workers and those along their supply chain. Speaking of their manufacturing process, they are completely transparent about their emissions and ethical practices in every factory operating under the ON name. Being honest and transparent in this manner is a very important step to self-improvement.

The Cloud 5 waterproof is a great everyday shoe, ready for the rough terrain of everyday life.

Our range comprises ON’s signature lightweight walking shoes and boots, the CloudTec soles are perfect for all-day hikes, and combined with the overall lightweight design, we know that ON shoes are sure to push you further on your adventures. For the ultimate test, why not pop into one of our stores in Taunton, Bristol, or Exeter for a bespoke footwear measuring and fitting service.

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