Our homes are all set with absolutely everything we need to survive and feel comfortable daily, but things are a little different when you head into the great outdoors. 

So, you’re wondering what to take camping? Well, you’ll need to assemble a camping packing list to ensure you are safe, warm, dry, and comfortable, whether you’re heading away for the weekend, a festival, or an extended camping trip. 

Thankfully, the team at Taunton Leisure are seasoned campers and the ideal people to put together a camping checklist. This ready-to-use list takes the guesswork out of your planning, ensuring less stress and more time to enjoy the fantastic benefits and experiences camping offers! 

Read on below for our camping essentials. 

Outdoor Clothing

When you want to ensure that you’re comfortable during your camping trip, it makes sense to start with number one—you! Packing and wearing suitable outdoor clothing will keep you warm and dry, and given the unpredictable British weather, you may need to include different layers for varying conditions. 

Here’s our list of must-pack camping clothing: 

Tents for Camping

It’s all good packing a camping-friendly wardrobe. Still, unless you’re visiting a glamping site with ready-made yurts, pods and cabins, you’re going to need a quality tent that’s capable of comfortably housing your group and belongings, plus study and durable tent pegs and tent poles

Suitable tents include: 

  • Family tents are capable of sleeping large groups of up to six people.
  • Lightweight tents that are easy to carry when backpacking and trekking.
  • Bell tents and tipis are ideal for lovers of traditional camping and large groups of up to 8+ people.
  • Inflatable tents can be quickly pitched using an air pump for efficient, stress-free camping. 

Sleeping gear for camping. 

Of course, once you’ve found the perfect tent for your needs, you’ll need to invest in quality camping products that will help you achieve a good night’s sleep. 

We recommend: 

  • A sleeping bag will ensure you’re snug and warm. There are 1-4 season sleeping bags with down and synthetic fillings available. You’ll also discover many baby sleeping bags, kids sleeping bags, and family sleeping bags for specific requirements.
  • A sleeping mat will help you achieve a comfortable sleep on uneven ground. Self-inflating and insulated sleeping mats are available.
  • A camp bed is ideal for creating an elevated sleeping position. Camping beds can also be repositioned for relaxing outside of your tent during the day.
  • If you want to relax around your campsite, a hammock is a must! Although we wouldn’t classify it as a camping essential, there’s nothing quite like swinging in a camping hammock and watching the world go by.

Essential Camping Accessories

Whether you’re kitting out your camping kitchen or looking for camping accessories to make tasks around the site a little easier, Taunton Leisure can recommend (and provide) plenty of products to achieve just that. 

  • A camping stove is an indispensable asset to any camping kitchen. It allows you to cook and boil water safely with zero fuss.

    A family camping stove is excellent for large groups, while a lightweight camping stove is ideal for trekking and solo camping. A fantastic range of camping stove accessories is also available to make life even easier!
  • A bottle or camping flask is a simple yet effective means of preserving fluids and staying hydrated, whether on the move or relaxing at your campsite.

    You’ll also find a fantastic range of travel mugs available if you want to make your camping experience a little more sophisticated and homely!
  • Camping lighting is essential. You’ll often find yourself camping in remote areas with only the moon and stars for illumination, so invest in a camping lantern or tent lights to hang around your tent.

    If you’re on the move, then a torch or head torch will be your best friend in pitch-black fields and country lanes.
  • Emergency and survival equipment are paramount to any camping checklist, especially if you are camping in an isolated location.

    A camping first aid kit can deal with a range of minor and more severe injuries, while you’ll also find plenty of fire starters and water purification to help with cooking and staying warm and hydrated in remote areas.
  • Camping tools can save time and valuable energy. Whether it’s a camping knife or multi tool for cutting, building and repair jobs or walking poles to help you along long hikes, these tools take up minimal space but are hugely effective.
  • Navigation equipment can help you out of a sticky situation and is a must if you’re unfamiliar with the area. We always recommend taking a good old-fashioned compass or map to guide you, just in case batteries run out or technology fails you.
  • Of course, a power bank or solar charger can help avoid electrical equipment dying on you, so including one in your camping essentials is a no-brainer.
  • Suppose you’re camping in hotter climates or near water. In that case, a mosquito net and insect repellent or bug spray can be a real lifesaver, freeing you from irritation and pesky bites that could ruin your camping experience or lead to more serious medical emergencies. 

Stick to your easy-to-follow camping checklist, and you’ll be all set to enjoy exploring the great outdoors with confidence and comfort! 

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