Read on as we give our best tips to turn your camping set up into the envy of the campsite, ensuring your comfort and fun!

After a long few cold months, you deserve to make the very most of your camping getaway, either with or without the whole family on board. This summer, thousands of us will be flocking to all of the amazing British campsites which so wonderfully paint us as a nation that loves to get outdoors. It certainly makes us proud! Today on the TL blog, we’ll be giving you our best and very top tips and recommendations for making the most of your camping escape, turning it into the outdoor paradise that serves as both a luxurious hub of relaxation as well as the arena for the kid’s games and antics. We’ll start with a big one!

Get Cooking!

A day spent running around outdoors can only be fixed with a superb meal at the end. Many are intimidated by the thought of cooking outside, but our range of great outdoor grills and stoves makes it just as easy as cooking at home. It is no true holiday if you have to compromise on good food! Not only is cooking outside fun but also a great activity to get the kids involved. In our experience, cooking outdoors is a superb jumping-off point for getting the young’ens into cooking and food for the first time. It is also 100% a fact that food tastes best outdoors on a sunny day, no debate!
When it comes to utensils, there is a vast array of plates, pans, bowls, cutlery, and more all specially made for outdoor living with low weight and very easy packability to make camping prep as simple and stress-free as possible, you won’t have to turn your kitchen upside down if you have camp utensils ready to go.
Whether you need something simple and small or prefer multiple stove options, our selection has something for everyone.

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Get Comfy!

We cannot speak more highly of the current range of camping furniture available. Gone are the days of disposable folding chairs which break almost as soon as sit on them! If you have a big tent, we recommend at least a dining table and some comfy chairs. Just because you’ve brought some luxuries, doesn’t mean you’re any less intrepid than others on site. Don’t be scared to embrace your inner glamper and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Many of our tents come with matching carpets which are soft and very nice underfoot, inflatable chairs offer a lightweight and packable sofa for truly luxurious comfort outdoors and camping tables bring great options for organisation and having somewhere to put your coffee between sips.

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Get Lit!

When the nighttime makes its way in and darkness falls, we say embrace it. To us, there is no more relaxing and calming atmosphere than some lovely lanterns and lamps lighting the inside of our tents. It’s truly wonderful having a nice light to read, play cards or simply hang out around at the end of a long day with a cup of cocoa or perhaps something stronger. Camping lanterns are a great option as they can be moved easily around the tent to light where it is needed, they’re also good to find your way in the night when nature calls. Sting lights (such as the lovely solar-powered options) create a wonderful, festive atmosphere and light a tent’s inner really nicely, perfect for gathering under for bedtime stories. Torches are of course made for getting around and often locating things left behind in unexpected places.

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Get a good night’s sleep!

Speaking of nighttime, it is vital that everyone gets the best night’s sleep possible, ready for the next day of holiday fun. There are several bed options available for camping outdoors including simple camp mats inflatable options to full camp beds. We recommend optimising your comfort and ensuring you’re warm enough, after a long day running around under the sun, it is vital to be able to sleep soundly under the stars. We recommend cushioning from a decent camp mattress whether on the ground or on a camp bed and a cosy soft sleeping bag. On that note, it is important to think about what time of year you are camping when choosing a sleeping bag. On one side, if you’re only camping during the summer and packing everything into the car, do you really need that ultra-fancy down sleeping bag? On the other side, if you’re camping at cooler ends of the season, are you going to need something warmer than a soft cotton bag? We recommend looking at the temperature rating of each of our sleeping bag options and choosing what is right for you. We have a multitude of different sleeping bag articles across the blog.

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Thanks very much for reading, we wish you all wonderful adventures outdoors this summer.