Take a look at how Mountain Equipment sleeping bags stand out as an outstanding option.

Mountain Equipment truly understands that a good night’s sleep is the difference between a great stay in the outdoors and a nightmare. They’re a brand made up of serious outdoor enthusiasts who know exactly what to put into an outdoor product. This all comes from endless research in the field both by the gear makers themselves but also some of the most intrepid outdoor athletes and adventurers all looking for a product that will keep them happy and push them further. Mountain Equipment’s approach to sleeping bags is no different, they are rigorously tested, with every stitch, seam, and baffle considered in how it can perform best. This is why their sleeping bags have become so renowned within the industry and beloved by camping, alpine and mountaineering enthusiasts worldwide.

So, what makes Mountain Equipment sleeping bags so good?

Among our range of ME sleeping bags, you’ll find options for alpine climbing, winter mountaineering, and other serious activities internationally and year-round. These are sleeping bags specially made for the mountains. They’re wonderfully lightweight for how warm they are and make an excellent, cosy space to rest in after a day’s adventure in harsh environments. Materials utilised include 100% recycled extra tough but lightweight ripstop polyesters capable of handling some serious abrasion.
Of course, we can’t go far in this write-up without mentioning Mountain Equipment’s approach to sourcing the superb, high-quality down stuffed into their bags and how it is ethically sourced. Mountain Equipment founded The Down Codex in 2011 after rising concerns about the source of many different companies’ down. The Down Codex is a collaboration between themselves and the International down Feather Laboratory (IDFL) which ensures that their down is 100% traceable and independently audited to ensure as little cruelty as possible to the birds themselves. As a rule, all down feathers are bought as a by-product of the meat industry. Every Mountain Equipment product which utilises down has a special label allowing you to trace exactly where the down came from and every step it took along the supply chain.
As can be gathered from their obsession with properly tracing their down, it is easy to see that they also use some of the highest quality down on the market ensuring proper performance in the world’s most intrepid places.

Of course, there is so much more we could say about ME’s superb range of down sleeping bags, however, we also feel it is important to let the products speak for themselves.
Take a browse through our great range and check out the many features and thoughts put into them by Mountain Equipment.