Read all about Rab’s origins with the sleeping bag and how it has transformed into a world-class range.

Rab, the iconic British outdoor gear maker holds an outstanding reputation internationally for well made outdoor products with well thought out features and carefully chosen, high performing materials and tech. They’re a reasonably modest brand with products that are some of the very best on the side of the mountain,  but you’ll never see them screaming about it. Rab instead favours an approach to making high quality and high performing products which you’d rather keep than replace, they understand the value that an outdoor enthusiast sees in their gear not only in how it performs but also sentimentally. This approach goes hand in hand with sleeping bags. They’re a bit of kit that you’ll never get rid of unless you’re handing it down to somebody new for their adventures. It seems that sleeping bags and how we see them go hand in hand with Rab’s entire identity … and this makes complete sense.
In 1981, in the attic of a small terraced house in Sheffield, Rab Carrington (the company’s founder and namesake) made the first sleeping bag to bear his name. He was and still is a mountaineer of some renown and was highly dissatisfied with the gear then on the market, so dissatisfied in fact that he began to make his own, and so Rab was born.

What makes Rab sleeping bags stand out?

Lightweight, packable and with a range ideal for alpine climbers, mountaineering trips, and wild camping in year round conditions depending on what you need for your adventures, Rab down-filled sleeping bags are still hand filled in their factory in Derbyshire. They do this to ensure minimal travel where the down could potentially be stored or compressed, damaging the down inside. Both 3 season and 4 season sleeping bags are available, with hydrophobic down and synthetic fill options. Rab’s main range of sleeping bags however focuses principally on down insulation. It is a vital ingredient which makes Rab sleeping bags so renowned for their outstanding warmth to weight ration and pack size. Ethically sourced and independently checked by the the Responsible Down Standard, an organisation devoted to checking the origins of down feathers, ensuring that they are sourced ethically with as little cruelty in its production as possible, Rab’s down insulation is of the highest quality and is chosen for its ability to work properly within the field, hill, bivi, tent, hammock, you name it!
Furthermore, within Rab’s range of down sleeping bags, you’ll find that the down itself is treat with Nikwax impregnation which adds a great deal of water resistance, this ensures that the down can perform if allowed to get a little damp.

Available in both men’s and women’s options, with specialised fits and very lightweight materials to suit your needs if you need them…
Take a look at our great range of Rab sleeping bags offering 3-season overnighters all the way to serious winter camping options.