Take a look as we unpack some of the Sleeping bags we keep in-store and online.

Sleeping Bags are very special to us. They’re a simple piece of kit with a rather simple purpose that for us is absolutely packed with nostalgia for past adventures over night in the outdoors. Everyone who owns a decent sleeping bag cherishes it. Some keep them for many years and hand them down to younger relatives for their first adventures. We still have people writing to us saying they still have their Taunton Leisure sleeping bags from long ago when we made our own. Since then however, our range has expanded to include options from some of the very best gearmakers. Iconic, British outdoor gear makers such as Rab, Mountain Equipment and Snugpak immediately come to mind, but we also keep internationally recognised brands as well such as Therm-a-Rest and Sea-To-Summit (international brands appear to like hyphens?). We love to give outdoor enthusiasts options so that we can provide you with something that suits your needs.
Today on the TL Blog, we’re exploring our range of sleeping bags and hopefully giving you an idea of what to look out for when perusing the many options. We’ll be showing you key products from each of our brands and chatting all about different forms of insulation and what to think about.

Back in 1982, here is MD Simon with our very own Taunton Leisure sleeping bags

What to look for in a sleeping bag

For a piece of kit with such a simple purpose, that is, keeping us warm and cosy while camping under the stars and ensuring a good night’s sleep, there are several things for you to look out for when choosing the right bag for your needs. We’ll be taking you through some of these here before highlighting some key products. Whether you’re camping out overnight on a campsite in Summer, up a mountain in the dead of winter, or simply trying to catch some shut eye on an overnight train, your choice of sleeping bag can be the difference between a great and terrible night.


Some bags come in a standard, unisex sizing, which usually means a man’s fit. Women-specific sleeping bags are often wider around the hips, narrower around the shoulders and with extra insulation at the feet. Some men may prefer women’s bags; conversely, taller, slimmer women may prefer a men’s or unisex option.

Temperature ratings

Every sleeping bag has a temperature gauge. The Comfort level is the one to look for, as this tells you how cool it can be before you start to feel cold – the lower the temperature the better. You’ll notice there’s also a Limit and Extreme temp noted (or variations on these terms). As everyone feels cold/heat differently, use the Comfort figure as a guide to the bag’s limitations.


The ideal bag combines low weight and high warmth. Also, look at how small it packs down in its compression sack – can you fit it in your pack?


Look for two-way zips that open the length of the sleeping bag, so you can open the bottom end to vent your feet if necessary. Check that there is a good size baffle of fabric and fill behind the zips to keep out draughts.


Bags are usually rectangular or a tapered ‘mummy’ shape. The former offers more space and can be unzipped to make a duvet; the latter, due to its closer fit, is better for heat retention.


Sleeping bags are filled with one of two types of insulation: down (normally, goose or duck) or synthetic (a mixture of man-made fibres, typically plastic).

Naturally light, down insulation generally offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio. It is usually a mix of feathers and down; the higher the down content, the better it will be at trapping warm air, but the more expensive it will be. Manufacturers advertise a ‘fill power’ (e.g. 500, 700 etc.) – the higher the number, the higher the quality of the down and the more efficiently it will keep you warm.

Synthetic insulation can be as warm as down though usually doesn’t pack quite as small. It also works well even when wet (when down gets wet it will stop insulating, unless it is treated with a hydrophobic solution such as by Nikwax in Rab sleeping bags). The cheaper the fill (and bag), the less efficient it is likely to be.

A look at our selection

We like to give our customers choice in order to ensure the best sleeping bag for their needs. Throughout our range we carry over 80 different bags in different models and sizes! Here is where we’d like to highlight a few different choice products that we’re all pretty excited about.

The Rab Neutrino 600

The Rab Neutrino 600 is a goose down filled, winter sleeping bag with a slim fitting, tapered mummy shape.
For the alpinist looking for a lightweight, low bulk sleeping bag suited to high altitude camps, the Neutrino offers exceptional warmth for low weight. Built for big mountain bivis, hut to hut stopovers, or multiple nights at basecamp, this sleeping bag is light in your pack and light on the planet, filled with ultra-high lofting down and made with recycled fabrics.

Designed for maximum warmth, the chevron shaped baffles ensure the down is held over the centre of the body and prevent down migration, while the trapezoidal chamber design eliminates cold spots. Cut to have a ‘mummy taper’ shape and angled foot box; this bag has a low pack size and weight without compromising on warmth or comfort and still allows for movement. An ergonomically designed, close-fitting internal collar with a hood drawcord, as well as a 3/4 length YKK anti-snag zip with an insulating draft tube to keep out the cold. Comes with a dry bag compression stuff sack for transport and cotton sack with water-resistant base for storage.
Hand Filled In Derbyshire. Rab hand fill all their down sleeping bags at their factory in Derbyshire, UK. This ensures that every baffle is filled as required and that the down within has never been compressed or stored in a way that could impair performance. The bags are filled using a smaller diameter pipe and a compressed air system, which blows the feathers into each chamber. Before the bags are filled, one empty shell from each batch is weighed to ensure they are within tolerance. Precision scales are then used to measure the down for each chamber and, once complete, the finished bag is weighed again. To avoid being rejected, the bag’s total weight must be less than 10% over and cannot go under the intended weight. Scales are accurate to 0.5g and are routinely re-calibrated using weights of 1000g, 100g, 10g and 1g.

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The Sea To Summit Spark Spl

The ultralight and technical Sea To Summit Spark SpI is designed to keep you as warm as possible while minimising packed weight and size. The contoured mummy design offers efficient thermal insulation and utilises 850+ Loft premium goose down. The ULTRA-DRY Down water-repellent treatment protects the down from external moisture and condensation from the inside of the bag, virtually eliminating the negative effect’s moisture has on down and makes this bag ideal as a hard-alpine or adventure racing bag, where every gram is counted and down has never been a viable option. The pack size of this bag truly speaks for itself, if you’re looking for optimal warmth for as little weight and pack size as possible, we very much recommend a look at Sea-To-Summit’s Spark range.
Sewn through construction not only minimises weight, but prevents down migration during use.
All Sea to Summit Down Sleeping Bags use Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down.

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The Mountain Equipment Helium 400

An incredibly light, versatile and packable sleeping bag well suited to backpacking and cycle touring that will still happily cope with cooler nights during the spring and summer months.

The 368g of 700FP Pure Duck Down is encased and protected in a compressible, tough and extremely comfortable Helium 20 fabric. The Helium 20 is a densely woven construction that ensures the highest levels of down-proofing, wind resistance and resistance to heat loss. As well as reduced seam slippage, the Helium 20 offers greater hand-feel and durability.

Slanted box-wall baffles throughout the entire main body removes weight without compromising on warmth. Full length Gemini zip baffle prevents snagging and allows for efficient opening and closing, while the new Lode Lock closure system allows for one hand opening. Supplied with waterproof roll-top stuff-sack and storage cube.
Updated for Spring 2022, this bag features recycled materials and a improved fit.

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The Therm-a-Rest Hyperion -6C UL

The three season Hyperion -6°c is one of the lightest pieces in its class, providing a featherlight pack weight and high-performance warmth.

Lightweight materials and precise design allow for a smaller packed size than ever before. The ergonomic Comfort Fit provides a more friendly fit than other ultra light bags. Zoned insulation maximizes warmth and saves weight by intentionally placing down where you need it most, and the Box Baffle Construction utilises mesh walls to maximise loft and minimize cold spots. Packed inside these baffles is 900 Fill RDS Nikwax Hydrophobic Down designed to absorb 90% less water, and dry 3 times faster without using dangerous PFCs.
A SynergyLink Connectors enables you to integrate the bag with a pad for optimal comfort and thermal efficiency. These removable straps integrate your mattress and sleeping bag to minimise heat loss and keep you secure through the night.
Comes with a compression sack and a storage sack.

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