Have a quick read about all the great things stuffed into sleeping bags from the iconic masters of sleep outdoors.

Therm-a-Rest is without a doubt one of the most iconic sleeping mat makers in the industry. But, did you know that they also make superb sleeping bags equal in quality, philosophy, and innovation?

For 50 years, Therm-a-Rest has been the master of well slept nights under the stars and their superb range of sleeping bags is the bread to a sleeping mat’s butter. Every Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag within our range comes integrated with hat they call SynergyLink connectors. These are straps which are able to neatly attach to your sleeping mat (it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a Therm-a-Rest mat) and prevent you from sliding, rolling or falling off your mat at night. Let’s think about that for a minute! How often do you find yourself pitched up on a slight hill, meaning that you wake several times in the night and have to wiggle your way back up onto your mat after lying on the cold ground?! This simple solution removes this irritating situation which we thought was just a fact of camping. The SynergyLink is but only one of the many features packed into a Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag and we are here to highlight a few more.

As with some of other brands such as Rab, Therm-a-Rest uses only down audited and inspected by the Responsible Down Standard, an independent organisation which thoroughly traces and ensures that the water fowl, e.g. ducks and geese are treated properly and humanely. Sourcing and tracing down in this manner eradicates cruelty in their supply chain and also means that the down sourced is of the utmost quality. Simply getting into a Therm-a-Rest down sleeping bag is a clear way to identify that the down used within the product is very efficiently warming for lightweight and stowable the bag is. The down is also treated with a Nikwax solution meaning it can take a little more moisture than your standard down bag.
Within many of their down bags throughout our range you will also find box baffled construction, this uses mesh walls within the bag to properly spread the down inside and eliminate cold spots. Not only this , but across our range you will also find Heat-trapping draft collars which comfortably cinch loosely around your neck, full-length zipper draft tubes which protect the user from cold breezes, snag-free zippers, cinchable hoods and external zip pockets for midnight snacks or to even keep important gadgets a little warmer on very cold nights.
For those looking for a new sleeping bag and want a manufacturer that with quite the legacy of comfy night’s sleep in the roughest conditions, you can’t go wrong with our Therm-a-rest range. For further details and features of individual models scroll down on each product’s page. A wondrous, down filled world of awesome sleeping bags awaits you!

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