Get comfy while we go through Tentipi’s beautifully built solutions to cold arctic nights.

Tentipi certainly has a reputation in the outdoor gear industry for making some of the very finest, most durable, and most comfortable shelters. Their tipis can withstand some of the world’s harshest conditions all whilst providing a wonderfully comfortable space even during 60mph snowstorms. The quality of their products does not finish at their tipis, however. As a superb outdoor gear maker, Tentipi understands that it is also a tent’s inner workings and extras that aid in a superbly comfortable night’s recreation and rest. A tent alone cannot keep you comfortable and warm when the clouds part and the cold nights roll in.

Tentipi has two beautifully designed wood stoves for just the occasion each with different uses in mind. The large, chimneyed Eldfell stove for high sustained heating throughout the tent is perfect for the coldest winter nights and the Hekla Firebox offers the experience of an open fire inside your tent out of the wind and weather, perfect for gathering around in the evening. Let’s take a closer look at each.

The Eldfell Pro Stove
A classic chimneyed stove but built using solid stainless steel.

With its ingenious design, its efficient heat transmission, low weight, and easy handling, Eldfell is the natural heart of the Nordic tipi and a faithful friend in cold and damp conditions. Whereas simple stoves release more of their heat through the chimney, the advanced design of Eldfell means combustion takes place nearer the ground, creating more heat inside the Nordic tipi, providing more effective heat for cooking and reducing wood consumption. The combustion chamber is spacious and about 50cm long to take long, thick logs. The extendable insulation pipe protects the Nordic tipi fabric even in strong winds. The spark arrester protects both the fabric and the surrounding area.

Eldfell is available in stainless steel (Pro). It fits Adventure tipi sizes 5, 7, 9, and 15 using the same combustion chamber but different chimney lengths. Eldfell Pro comes in its own purpose-made wooden box.

The base Eldfell model is perfect for a 5-person sized Tentipi. With the addition of extra chimney sections, the stove is easily upgraded to fit larger Tentipis. You’ll need 1 extra for a seven-person, 2 extra for 9, and 3 extra for 15.

The extendable insulation pipe protects the Nordic tipi fabric even in strong winds. The spark arrester protects both the fabric and the surrounding area.

All technical features have been designed to fulfill demands for low weight, good functioning, and strength. In order not to sink down in snow, the legs have notches so they can be placed on poles.

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The Hekla Firebox

For when you want to get out of the rough weather or the cold night and inside your Tipi, you can still have a fire to gather around and keep warm.

This innovative firebox gives off plenty of heat with very little smoke. Makes it easy to grill, cook, or just enjoy the heat and light! Its clever design means that it takes up very little space when packed. Normally, when you make a fire directly on the ground, a bed of coals builds up quickly. Wood stumps roll to the edges gently smoking.

Visible smoke contains non-combusted gases. Insufficient combustion gives three negative effects: the degree of efficiency is unsatisfactory, tar particles in the smoke burn your eyes and because the smoke is relatively cold, it does not rise so easily.

The Tentipi fire box solves all these problems in a clever way. Many holes in the bottom provide the fire with sufficient oxygen. This both increases the combustion efficiency as well as the heat produced. Therefore, wood added to the fire burns better. The frame around the fire reflects the heat which ignites the wood stumps which would otherwise produce smoke.

Wood fuel use is reduced by 75 percent and there is much less risk for eye-burning smoke.

The firebox is indispensable if you are going to build a fire on snow. The legs fold out and can be placed on branches or other support material in the snow, thereby preventing the firebox from sinking into the snow.

Our range of Hekla Fireboxes comes in two varieties, the 30 and the 7.
Hekla 30 makes a large campfire, perfect for the Nordic tipis for 7 people or more.

The Hekla 7 despite its name is intended for lightweight backpacking and also makes a great warm fire within a 5-person Nordic Tipi.

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