Take a look at the key differences between the tents in our Tentipi range featuring the Onyx, Zirkon, and Safir.

Founded in Sweden, Tentipi makes some of the finest tipi style tents on the market, perfect for everything from camping in the snowy Northern Forests of Scandinavia to luxurious camping along the Cornish coast in Summer. Based on native Sami tents from northern Sweden, the tipi structure is very strong in harsh conditions and allows a wide footprint for a group to huddle around a Tentipi stove a small firebox in the centre of the tent. That’s right! You can have a fire in these tents! Using the finest materials and innovative features, you can camp in luxury and comfort in some of the world’s harshest conditions or make the perfect semi-permanent set up in the woods as a group or workshop shelter. Favoured by bushcraft enthusiasts, glampers, paddlers, and world travelers alike, a Tentipi is what you’re looking for when Nordic camping in style. Within our carefully selected range, we carry their three main adventure tents: The Onyx, Zirkon (trans: Zircon), and Safir (trans: Sapphire). In this post, we’re going to explain the key differences between these three superb models of tent.


‘Base.’ Solid, dependable and perfect for family camping and many outdoor activities. They are portable, spacious and easy to pitch.

Available from us in 5-person, 7-person, and 9-person sizes. Like all Tentipi models, the Onyx is spacious, comfortable, and very easy to pitch, even those new to camping after a few pitches are able to put up a Tentipi in under 5 minutes. The Onyx was built for less ambitious purposes or for when low weight is a priority. The Onyx makes for a very high-quality entry point into the brand, the Onyx features class-leading storm resistance in its Cotpolmex C fabric, an excellent poly-cotton blend that is breathable and water-resistant, when pitched properly these tents make sturdy shelters in very harsh conditions. A smoke cap at the top of the Onyx allows superb ventilation and allows you to have an open fire within the tent. The smoke cap has two opening points, controllable from inside the tipi.  The double zip door has a mosquito net integrated into its construction allowing you to let the air through the tent efficiently while keeping the bugs out. Storm cords are supplied loose and are there if you plan on pitching the tent for long periods in tricky conditions.

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‘Comfort.’ Well equipped and high quality, providing the perfect balance between price and performance for a wide range of adventurous activities.

Available from us in  7 person, 9 person, and 15 person sizes. The Zirkon range has all of the same features as the Onyx but with several enhancements put in place to optimize comfort and usability. The Smoke cap has been greatly upgraded and has six opening points at the top of the Tipi, controllable from inside. An integral chimney opening has been added, allowing use with Tentipi’s superb and beautifully made range of stoves (take a look HERE).  The bottom edge of the tent is reinforced with nylon for better wear resistance over extended use. Storm cords come pre-attached to the Zirkon range and are fitted with holders. Tighter packing is possible with an advanced compression bag. Further mosquito protection is added the to top edge of the tipi. The tipi floor fitting has been enhanced with a toggle and ring arrangement. A mosquito netted air intake at the bottom edge of the tipi improves ventilation and smoke control.

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‘Pro’. Featuring top-of-the-range materials, construction, and convenience, the Safir range is perfect for extended pitches in serious conditions.

Available in 5-person, 7-person, 9-person, and 15-person sizes. With all of the same features as the Zirkon but with some enhancements to optimize durability and performance. The first major change is the material, Cotpolmax P is their premium fabric capable of standing up to serious conditions from hot deserts to roaring Nordic, ice winds. This fabric sets Safir apart from the others and was chosen to prioritize performance before price. Also, three rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intakes at the bottom edge of the tipi optimize ventilation and smoke control. Safir is used by professionals in the most extreme conditions – in icefields, in storm force gales, on top of glaciers, or in the blazing heat. If you had in mind a tent that would be used throughout the year in differing environments and conditions and last many years to come, Safir is for you.

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Bonus: Zirkonflex

The Zirkon is a mobile home for people who want to invest in outdoor living and experience a totally new dimension of comfort and possibilities. Suitable for all conditions except the most extreme, the Zirkon offer a perfect balance between price and performance for a wide range of adventurous activities.

This medium-class tipi is appreciated by demanding outdoor enthusiasts, nature-lovers, and those who seek cosy togetherness around a fire in the centre of a Nordic tipi.

Based upon the well-established Zirkon 15, the Zirkonflex has triangular expansion panels which allow the walls to be raised in different ways meaning the Zirkonflex provides extra space, and flexibility and offers a communal tent with optimal protection in all kinds of weather. With space for up to 50 people (with walls up) sitting down on the floor/ground, it’s suitable for wilderness camps and outdoor preschools where you want to remain close to nature, whatever the weather.

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Tentipi have a vast array of tent accessories to help push the usability, comfort and versatility as far as possible.

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