Max from our web customer service team gives his report on these trekking boots from Salewa:

In April, I first received the Salewa MTN Trainer 2 Mid GTX to test on our staff trip to Dartmoor, and beyond. Having been exposed to various terrain and weather conditions since I’ve had them, these boots not only lived up to their reputation, but have also surprised me with exceptional blend of performance and comfort.

One of the standout features of the Salewa MTN Trainer 2 Mid GTX was their astonishing comfort right out of the box. I didn’t have any time to break them in before our 50+KM hike on Dartmoor, yet the boots were super comfortable, and I didn’t experience any rubbing or pain. This is a testament to Salewa’s thoughtful design, and the boots’ construction, as well as their adaptability to various foot shapes. The boots’ comfort level was a game-changer, allowing me to focus on the journey rather than any potential discomfort; unlike my experience with some other boots, whereby
keeping pain at bay was half the battle.

The boots provide excellent grip on this Clapper bridge

Again, throughout our hike on Dartmoor, not once did I encounter any dreaded blisters or hotspots, or joint pain. The boot’s well-padded collar and tongue, combined with the precision lacing system, created a secure, but not constrictive, fit around my foot. This comfort and blister-free performance is consistent even after the numerous hikes I’ve used them for, making the Mountain Trainer 2 an undeniable leader in terms of long-term comfort.

The MTN Trainer 2 Mid GTX truly shines when it comes to providing support during demanding hikes, and when carrying moderate to heavy loads. The boots’ stiff sole unit offered excellent stability and protection on Dartmoor’s uneven terrain, whether we were traversing rocky paths or steep ascents. On previous trips carrying a similar load, I have used boots with more flexible sole units, and always experienced joint pain at my big toe – this was entirely eradicated due to the extra support provided by the stiffer sole in the MTN Trainer 2. For uneven and rough terrain, these boots excel.

A boot’s traction is a critical factor, especially on diverse and sometimes slippery terrain. Such as some wet rock slabs we faced near a river on Dartmoor, whereby a slip could easily mean injury. The Vibram® WTC 2 outsole on the MTN Trainer 2 performed exceptionally well, providing reliable grip, whatever I throw at them – including wet rock. Whether we were navigating clay-imbued trails, or scrambling small boulders, the boots’ traction capabilities ensured my steady footing, boosting my confidence and allowing me to focus on my surroundings.

Good job the boot laces match my outfit.

In terms of style, the Salewa MTN Trainer 2 Mid GTX doesn’t disappoint. Much like my experience with the Rab Nexus Hoody, the MTN Trainer 2 managed to find a balance between aesthetics and performance. The boot’s sleek technical design and stylish touches, such as the distinctive orange laces, added a pop of colour to my outfit.

This stylish design pairs well with a variety of landscapes, allowing the boot to stand out without compromising its performance-oriented nature. One of the key features of the MTN Trainer 2 is its integration of a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane. These boots successfully kept my feet dry during heavy rain and damp conditions, ensuring that I remained comfortable and focused on the journey ahead. Even when we encountered wet undergrowth and puddles, the waterproofing capabilities of the boot never wavered, offering reliable protection against the elements.

Additionally, the breathability of the MTN Trainer 2 was excellent. Despite their weatherproof qualities, the boots effectively managed moisture and heat, preventing discomfort during more intense hikes. No waterproof boot is magic and will be able to wick away all sweat, but the Salewas handled internal moisture well and dried quickly. Moisture management and comfort is further aided by a good pair of socks. Personally, I prefer socks containing Merino Wool – view our range of Merino socks here.

The Salewa MTN Trainer 2 Mid GTX also incorporates a 360° protective rubber rand, a feature that significantly contributes to the boots’ durability and longevity. This robust construction guards against abrasions, impacts, and scuffs from rocks and rough paths, ensuring that the boots remain in excellent condition even after prolonged use.

High Rubber Rand protects the upper

Salewa’s innovative technologies in fit customization are displayed in the MTN Trainer 2. The boot features an MFF+ (Multi Fit Foot bed +) foot bed, which allowed me to adapt the fit to my specific foot shape for optimal comfort and support. Additionally, the 3F System, utilizing steel cables at the heel, provided a very secure fit that minimized any heel/foot slippage within the boot. This technology not only enhances performance, but also adds an extra layer of confidence during more technical sections of my hikes.
The flex collar on the MTN Trainer 2 contributed to its adaptable fit. This feature allowed my ankle to move naturally while providing adequate support, striking a perfect balance between flexibility and stability.

3F heel lock system really works!

As a result, the boot accommodates anything, from steep slippery descents, to loose rocky ascents. In conclusion, the Salewa MTN Trainer 2 Mid GTX is exemplary in both performance and style, making it an exceptional choice for hikers. During our Dartmoor expedition, these boots excelled in comfort, support, traction, and protection. Their waterproof Gore-Tex membrane ensured all weather versatility. The boots’ stability and adaptability, thanks to features like the 3F System and MFF+ foot bed, further enhanced their performance.

Ultimately, the Salewa MTN Trainer 2 Mid GTX continues to prove itself as a reliable companion on challenging hikes, and I can genuinely say I’ve been blown away by the overall performance. Honestly, I love these boots.