Max from our Web team puts the popular Rab mid layer to the test.

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Rab Nexus Hoody during a staff trip to Dartmoor, and I must say, this jacket exceeded my expectations in terms of both performance and style.

Despite my fondness of orange, it’s not normally a colour I’d choose for clothes. That being said, the Nexus’ marmalade colour pleasantly surprised me, and stood out amidst the breath-taking landscapes of Dartmoor, adding a touch of vibrancy to my outfit. This bright colour also means you’re more visible in poor conditions – such as a typical foggy Dartmoor morning.

Surveying what lies ahead, with perfect temperature regulation

One of the great features of the Nexus Hoody is the high-quality YKK VISLON zipper, allowing for smooth operation, even when wearing gloves. It’s super reliable, meaning you can make quick and easy adjustments, whether you’re opening up the hoody for ventilation or sealing the warmth in. YKK is known for its durability, going hand in hand with Rab’s quality and ensuring that the Nexus Hoody will withstand the test of time, even during rugged activities

The jacket’s fabric is another notable aspect that sets it apart from your normal fleece. The Nexus Hoody is constructed with Rab’s G-Thermic fabric, which is not only breathable, but very warm. This innovative fabric technology dries quickly and provides excellent warmth retention at a low weight, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry during high-intensity activities. It strikes a good balance between insulation and breathability, making it suitable for spring and autumn hikes, or cooler if you layer up!

I’m sure I put that bright orange fleece in here somewhere

During our time on Dartmoor, the Nexus Hoody proved to be a reliable mid-layer in the unpredictable elements. Whether we were facing strong winds, light showers, or chilly temperatures, this hoody kept my plenty warm when used under my Rab Downpour Plus 2.0 Jacket (read that review here). The close-fitting hood stayed snug, not only enhancing visibility, but also retaining the most warmth, even in windy conditions.

In terms of fit, I found the Nexus Hoody to be slim fitting and true to size. The jacket hugged my body without feeling constrictive, allowing it to be comfortably layered underneath my waterproof jacket. The slim fit also contributed to the jacket’s overall sleek and stylish appearance, and prevented it from flapping in the wind.

Keeping the breeze off while I check out Daves bouldering skillz

The Nexus Hoody impressed me not only with its performance but also with its practicality. It is remarkably lightweight at 308g, making it an excellent choice for those who value packability and minimizing weight. The jacket can be easily compressed into a small pack size, taking up minimal space in a backpack or travel bag. This convenience allows for easy storage and transport, making the Nexus Hoody a go-to choice for hiking and travel alike.

Another notable feature of the Nexus Hoody is its fast-drying capability. Even when exposed to damp or wet conditions, the jacket dried quickly, ensuring that I stayed comfortable throughout the trip. This is mostly useful when facing unpredictable weather or engaging in multi-day adventures where quick-drying gear is essential.

The Orange certainly helps me to strand out in a crowd

In conclusion, the Rab Nexus Hoody proved to be a versatile and reliable mid-layer during our staff trip to Dartmoor. With its vibrant Marmalade colour, high-quality YKK zipper, Thermic G-Stretch fabric, and snug hood, it excelled in both style and functionality. The slim fit and true-to-size design, along with its low weight and small pack size, added to its convenience. Additionally, the fast-drying capability of the Nexus Hoody came in handy during the ever-changing Dartmoor conditions. Overall, the Nexus Hoody is a top choice for anyone seeking a versatile and dependable jacket that combines style, functionality, and practicality.