Often overlooked, take a look at how just a simple pair of poles can help you push yourself further for longer.

What a superb weekend we’ve just had! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was easy to forget the troubles which we’ve all been facing over the last year. It was fantastic to have a taste of freedom in the hills, valleys, peaks, and coasts. Though it is still very important that we behave sensibly following all government guidelines, it is amazing to be out walking again.

For some of us, it has been difficult to get back into the swing of things outdoors, we’ve set out hoping to get atop high hills, but the climb has been hard. Whether it has been the lack of training or all that banana bread over the last few months, it is certainly clear and completely understandable if some of us are a little out of practice. What we know for sure is that we certainly want to get comfortably back into the swing of long-distance day hikes so that we can get to our favourite wild spaces once more. What we can recommend if you are looking to push yourself further and get back into long-distance walks is grabbing yourself a pair of decent trekking poles. Often overlooked, the seemingly simple pair of poles is just what you need to get back into walking and will certainly help you go further for longer.

The many benefits of trekking poles

The big fact about trekking poles is that whether you are a heavy walker who likes to get out into the hills as often as they can or simply somebody who enjoys the occasional ramble through rough country, trekking poles will seriously aid you in comfortably covering long distances with ease with additional benefits to boot.

They are better for you than going without and safer. It has been shown that using trekking poles will reduce the accumulated stress on the feet, legs, knees, and back by sharing the load more evenly across the whole body. This is especially true when carrying a heavy pack on your back. Trekking poles provide you with additional support, balance, and stability helping anyone over rough terrain by giving them something to put their weight on. The carbon tips at the poles’ feet are made to grip and hold the smallest cracks, bumps, and gaps to give you something to push against. Using poles improves your posture, making you walk in a more upright position which takes weight from your back, reducing fatigue, and can help with breathing.

They improve your walking. You will notice when using poles properly that you are able to cover ground considerably faster, this is because they encourage larger strides. When walking uphill, the poles improve your power and endurance offering you something to push against with your arms allowing your arms and legs to work in unison. You will also notice the improved speed and agility whilst walking downhill, your knees will certainly thank you for taking away some of the usually put on them when not using poles.

They aid your fitness without you noticing. The correct use of trekking poles burns more calories than standard walking without poles, providing both an upper body workout as well as a legs workout. Though more calories are burnt, you will not feel as worn out because walking poles are proven to reduce the pains associated with walking such as the repetitive impact on the feet, knees, and lower back. The posture correction from walking poles allows the body to more efficiently strengthen the muscles which support the spine and the upper body workout builds muscles in your arms, shoulders, and neck.
It does not matter your level of experience or fitness, if you want to keep walking for as long as possible, not just on a day walk but in general for the rest of your life, use trekking poles! They really do make all the difference.


Our main selection of walking poles are all made by Leki, a German maker of some of the world’s best walking, trekking, skiing, and nordic walking poles, all avid hillwalkers of different needs and budgets will be able to find the perfect pole for them amongst their list of innovative, top-quality walking and trekking poles.
Leki only really make poles, it’s what they’re known for and what they do best! Founded in 1948, like many pioneering brands of the time, Leki’s founder Karl Lenhart, an avid skier and walker was dissatisfied with the products at the time. Since then Leki has been responsible for many of the innovations which have made walking poles so popular and effective in long-distance walking and trekking today.

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