Take a look through our range and read up on which fit is right for you, your legs and your needs.

Some of our most popular garments, KÜHL trousers are well-renowned for being some of the most comfortable and solid trousers on the market. They’re perfect for long hikes over rough terrain, rocky paths and even in some cases thorny thickets (let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but we’ve all been there). Used frequently for a wide range of outdoor activities like walking, climbing, trekking, and thanks to their supreme fit and comfort just dealing with the everyday. But with a range of different models and fits, which is right for you?
The fits are quite simple, but if you need a little help when shopping online to get a good idea of the correct model for you then look no further as we explore KÜHL’s range of fits for men.

Men’s Fits

KÜHL’s range of men’s trousers has three different fits, what unifies them is KÜHL’s Athletik fit which acts as a foundation for all of their men’s trouser designs. This comprises of a gusseted crotch, articulated legs, and a generous cut in the thigh. Though the 3 fits vary in fit, they all offer outstanding articulated movement which offers a full range of motion in the leg, you will not feel restricted when it comes to KÜHL trousers!

As you can see, the three different fits are simply based on the shape and amount of material throughout the leg. You have KÜHL’s FULL, KLASSIK, and LEAN fits which fall from a relaxed wide fit to a tapered, more tailored feeling fit respectively. Depending on the shape of your legs and what you like, you will want to choose the fit which is right for you.


Within our range, we have the Rydr Pant, and the Revolvr Pant. These trousers will offer you the widest fit and offer the easiest movement. The Rydr is a solid workhorse, perfect for climbing rough granite and running through hedges. The Revolvr has a lighter weight, stretch material called ÜberKÜHL  perfect for trekking through all seasons in the UK.



Our range offers several pairs of KÜHL’s KLASSIK fit trousers which are superb in between fit, not too wide and not to tight. These include the Resistor Jean, Renegade Pant, and Konfidant Air Pant. The Resistor Jean is a superb outdoor trouser that can take on rough outdoor conditions whilst feeling like the cosiest pair of jeans with a bit of stretch, a superbly versatile everyday trouser. The Renegade pant offers superior performance, comfort, and style with its superb DURALUX softshell fabric which offers an excellent water-resistant finish being able to take passing light showers. The Konfidant Air pant is perfect for hotter times of the year as it features in-built venting and is made from ENDURO Fabric keeping you cool and confident.



If you’re looking for that slimmer fit to avoid getting caught in the brush or simply to show off the muscle definition you’ve built on your lockdown walks, then the tapered fit is for you. Among our varied assortment of Kuhl Trousers we have the FREE RYDR, a slimmer version of the full fit RYDR above. This option is a great looking trouser equally perfect for long walks in the hills or to the pub when all this has finally been sorted.