Take a look as we explain the differences and intended use for each of Hilleberg’s 4 tent labels

Hilleberg the Tentmaker since its founding in 1971 has produced some of the finest tents and shelters with an outstanding reputation. Their tents have been all over the world and have been used to great success in some of the planet’s harshest conditions and environments including the North and South Poles, Himalayas, and many of the world’s hottest deserts. Within their range it is our belief that you will find the perfect lightweight tent for your adventuring needs. These shelters are designed to last a long time with proper use and care. Fitted into 4 divided ranges in order to help you choose what would be best for you.

These ranges are Yellow, Red, Black and Blue.

We’re going to take a look at what each of these groups stands for within the range and hopefully help you choose your ideal Hilleberg.
Before we begin, remember that across Hilleberg’s entire range, despite considerable differences, All of their tents carry the Hilleberg Key Principles integrated into each model. These are:

Reliability, Adaptability, Durability, Ease of use, Comfort, and Low Weight.

Yellow Label

The Yellow Label is for lightweight camping in warmer seasons with no snow. The flysheets across this range are made with Kerlon 1000 and different length 9mm Dac poles are used, additionally, all yellow label tents come with their ultralight Y-pegs. These factors combine to make Hilleberg’s lightest tents that are perfect for use in Spring, Summer and early Autumn. Venting is incorporated into the design of the yellow labels with raised flysheets and netted mesh inners making them cooler in hot weather. These tents are ideal for most UK use besides full winter camping and regular summit camping, being light they make great trekking tents perfect for long distance trails. Tents in this range include the Anjan, Enan, Niak, Rogen, and the Anaris which trades out tent poles for your trekking poles.

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Red Label

The Red Label is for all-season camping where lightweight is still a priority, great for all-year-round trekking even in very cold and harsh conditions. This range utilizes Hilleberg’s lightest all-season fly fabric, Kerlon 1200, and different length 9mm Dac Poles making for a solid, lightweight range. The outer tent goes all the way to the ground across the range to protect the camper from strong wind, rain, and snow, however this reduces air flow and increases condensation compared to the Yellow Lable range. At least one large vent is incorporated into the design of each tent. The inner doors are made up of a versatile mesh fabric that can be covered with a separate zip fabric. Red Label tents are great for those who like to regularly winter camp, be out on summit or rough conditions but still want something lighter to back pack with can carry comfortably for longer distances. Tents within the Red label range include the Kaitum, Kaitum GT, Akto, Nallo, Nallo GT, Soulo, and Allak.

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Black Label

The Black Label range is Hilleberg’s strongest, most adaptable, and most comfortable range for all seasons. Using Hilleberg’s strongest all-season fabric, Kerlon 1800 and 10mm Dac poles, these tents are very strong, durable, and stable. Used often in expeditions to the South and North Poles as well as used in the hottest deserts, this is testament to the adaptability of this range with at least two large vents on each tent to increase airflow while still having an outer fly that touches the ground. Comfort and practicality are also prioritized in this range with larger inner spaces and the poles being the same length to aid in ease of pitching. The doors have a full mesh that can be fully covered. These are the heaviest tents, so will be the most robust and last the longest, but they will be a considerable weight to carry over longer distances compared to the Red and Yellow Label tents. If you’re going around the world for months at a time camping in all conditions, this is the range for you. Tents within the Black label include the Keron, Keron GT, Nammatj GT, Tarra, and Staika.

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Blue Label

The Blue Label range is made up of 3 tents designed and specialized for a specific purpose. They are primarily built as group tents with distinct differences. Hilleberg’s most durable fabric, kerlon 2500 is used for all three (Except for the Altai UL which uses Kerlon 1200). The Stalon (left) is an all season, very large, modular group tunnel tent which fits up to 14 people. It can be configured multiple ways, and optional modules are available direct from Hilleberg, including two inner tent choices and a connector for linking multiple Stalon tents. The Altai (centre) is an all season, yurt style group tent which fits up to 6 people comfortably, an optional inner tent and floor and floor are also available direct, the tent is able to be pitched with walking poles around the exeterior. The Atlas (right) is an all season, modular, dome group tent. It fits up to 8 people comfortably and has optional modules available direct, including an external vestibule, several inner tent choices, and a connector for linking multiple atlas tents.

Please note: We do not keep Hilleberg’s blue label within our range, however if you would like to order one through us we invite you to make an enquiry by calling our helpline.