Our Video and content creator Sam gets to grips with the latest version of the Fjallraven Keb Trousers

Ever since joining the team at Taunton Leisure, I’ve embarked on a quest for the ultimate trousers – a pair that can endure the rough and tumble of wildlife photography while still feeling comfy on multi day treks. And when the chance to test a pair of Fjallraven Keb Trousers presented itself, I was quick to take up the offer! 

First and foremost, the Keb trousers have a well-deserved reputation as an award-winning outdoor pant, and the 2023 version builds upon that success. The most notable update is the slimmer cut in the leg and the introduction of fixed leg length options, providing a more tailored fit to suit different body types.

One of the key features that sets the Fjallraven Keb trousers apart is the choice of materials. They incorporate a combination of G-1000 and a stretch fabric, cleverly distributed to maximize their utility. The rugged G-1000 is strategically placed in high-wear areas such as the knees, lower legs, and the seat, making these trousers a fantastic choice for wildlife photography enthusiasts.

Whether you’re crouching to capture the perfect shot or sitting down for a spot of lunch, the G-1000 material stands up to the demands, offering excellent durability and protection against abrasion. I have been so happy with the durability of these trousers it’s great to have peace of mind when kneeling or shimmying across rock that my trousers are up to the task!

The stretch material used in the rest of the trousers enhances comfort and prevents your movement from being restricted. This is particularly valuable when you’re traversing rough terrain or spending long hours out in the wild. The stretch fabric allows for natural, unrestricted movement, ensuring that you’re not hampered by your clothing. This careful balance between durability and comfort has to be my favorite feature, its not often you find a pair of resilient trousers that are comfortable for all day use! 

Another feature that I have really enjoyed is the ventilation a crucial requirement during intense activities.  The Keb trousers address this need with well-placed ventilation zips on the thighs and calf areas. These zips provide instant cooling and help regulate your body temperature in changing conditions, a vital feature when you’re working hard in the field or trekking through varying climates. This feature also means that these trousers can be used in a wider set of environments and aren’t just resigned to the cooler months! 

The Keb trousers really are the gift that keeps on giving as both a wildlife photographer and hiker I can never have enough pockets. The Kebs offer two waist pockets and two large thy pockets. These pockets are fantastic for wildlife photographers and adventurers alike, offering ample storage space for essential items like a lens cap, map, or even a small camera.

The convenience of having these items at your fingertips can’t be overstated and often means I can leave the house for short walks without the need for a pack! It’s worth noting that both thy pockets have popper closures, the left-hand pocket also has a zip to ensure your valuables are secure giving you peace of mind when crossing challenging terrain. 

The Fjallraven Keb Trousers are a solid investment for outdoor enthusiasts, no matter your discipline. Offering a combination of durability and comfort. Their innovative design, versatile material choice, and thoughtful features make them a fantastic choice for those who demand high performance from their outdoor gear, whether it’s for wildlife photography or multi-day treks on Dartmoor the Kebs will have you covered.