Stu out Tech buyer gives his thoughts on the updated Fjallraven classic trekking trouser

I love Fjallraven trousers. I have had a few pairs over the past 10 years, Greenland Jeans, Barents Pro, Abisko Lite, Lappland Hybrid, Keb Agile, some having been handed on to others to enjoy, as my waist line increased, and some I still use, none have worn out or fallen apart.

So as the Fjallraven Trouser Expert I was given some latest Keb pants to review, the classic trekking pant from Fjallraven has had a slight fit update, and as a short person I can say this is brilliant. Quite often I get a bit to much around the ankle with their trousers.

The Keb is a blend of Fjallravens G1000 Polycotton and a stretchy softshell fabric, you get the polycotton in the high wear areas, so lower legs, knees and seat and the stretch fabric everywhere else. This combination means you get a nice close fit around the top of the pant, and a lower leg that will still fit over a boot. The stretch fabric makes walking in these all day a joy, as you never really feel restricted in them.

I got them in the Timber Brown -Chestnut Colour way, these look really good in the flesh, bright without being too out there, and not the standard greens or blues. A really important update is the new fit, and they now have a standard leg length, the old kebs had legs that got longer as you went up in sizes, now they have short, reg and long that stays the same no matter the waste size. I am 30-31 inch waist and 30 leg, I have these in a 46 Short, which is a 30uk waist and leg and they fit well, the stretch fabric making them forgiving enough.

Feature wise you get two poppered thigh pockets, one is zippered, one with an internal stash pocket, that can hold a small device, two hand pockets, two way thigh vents, calf vents, double layer knees with room for knee pads, adjustable hem cuff, boot lace cleat, two key ring loops and sewn in beading for use with braces.

The thigh pockets are brilliant, being on the front rather than the side makes them easy to stash things in, especially when kneeling down, they are great for tent pegs, and tent bags when pitching tents, also big enough for a map or guide book.

My favourite Keb pant feature is the double vent at the calf and the thigh, I also like the fact they are not mesh backed, these are the king of airflow and with both wide open create a bellows action forcing warm damp air out, keeping you cooler, with the double top zip vent you can control how much skin you show! I have not found a better multipurpose walking trouser for temperature regulation, and steep climbs open the vents, close them when its cool, I find them more breathable than some of the much lighter pants I have like the Montane Terra Stretch.

Where the stretch fit really shines is around the waist band, the stretch element surrounds the G1000 re enforced waist, this gives them an almost floating feel, and allows the pant to move almost independent of how you turn. It is quite hard to explain, but try a pair on and you will be impressed out such a weighty pant can fit so well.

I am really looking forward to the temperature dropping so that I can get some real use out of these great trousers. I am planning on doing the West Highland Way in them this Autumn so will update the blog with my longer term thoughts and hopefully some great images.