Alex from Exeter Store tells us why she loves this Rab Mid-layer

If you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable, well fitting mid layer for milder weather then the Nexus is the perfect hoodie for you.

Enjoying the sun, while the fleece stops me burning

Day to day

This is one of those pieces where I put it on when it came into store and immediately just felt cute and comfortable. The flattering fit, the fun colour and ZIP UP POCKETS! It’s just gorgeous.

Practicalities of this jacket also include how quick drying it is, perfect if you’re like me and frequently spill lunch down your front but love to wear your favourite clothes day after day!


Designed for high intensity hiking The Nexus Hoodie has bested all my other lightweight warm up fleeces and become my favourite running layer for a cooler summer’s day. Throw this hoodie on to motivate you out of the door in those cooler mornings, it’s breathability and stretchy 100% recycled Thermic G material makes it perfect as you build up a sweat in those first few miles.

The flatlay seams not only reduce any likelihood of rubbing under a pack or the arms but also mean the seams aren’t as thick as usual. This paired with the grid backer help to reduce the weight and bulk meaning that as you get onto the tougher climbs or when the sunshine comes through the mist you can pack it away into a pack easily and pull it back out when the breeze picks up or you stop to nav!

Ready for any steep climb or descent


As with the running I adore this piece as a comfortable layer to start off an activity with. Unlike bulkier fleeces it doesn’t overheat you too quickly and the full-length zip allows you to add ventilation on the first few hills without having to fully commit to taking it off. Something I find especially helpful on those repetitive sharp and short ups and downs where you go from working hard to hardly working and breezy very quickly!

The Nexus fits really well with little excess, perfect for trekking

On the first day of our trip, I wore it off the train up to camp where it helped me regulate my temperature, through its breathability, thermal and ventilating properties.

I had packed a heavier winter fleece just in case but the Nexus was all I ever needed. Designed for spring and summer use, conditions were perfect, nippier mornings and cool evenings. Being ginger it was also nice to have something I could put on over my vest during lunch breaks etc that wasn’t too hot but that could cover me up, so I didn’t burn.

On windy, cold mornings, such as the last day I would throw my shell on as an extra windproof. Designed to be layered it didn’t over stuff my shell sleeves or feel restrictive, but just made things feel cosier and warmer.

Hood working hard to keep wind out and hair in

On the last day when we encountered mist and rain the low profile under helmet fit hood was perfect! The tighter more enclosed fit meant that it did not blow off and kept my hair from blowing across my face or in my eyes!

I love how versatile this piece is, and being a compact size, it is easy enough to stuff in a side pocket to pull out for a range of situations.

All Smiles with how great this hoody is! Sooo Comfy

The Ethical Bit

Got to throw this in, if you’ve read my review on the jacket then you’ll know some of this already, but it warrants repeating.

This hoodie is made of 100% recycled materials and is just one of plenty in the Rab clothing range. As a company they’ve been climate neutral for four years now and have been awarded Leader status in the Fair Ware Foundation.

The Nexus is just one of many garments in the 80% of Rabs range that are fluorocarbon free, one of many steps Rab has taken to protect the planet, produce the highest quality products and the people that work for them and those they produce the garments for.