Follow Jess from Taunton Leisure HQ as she takes on Scarpa’s all-day long hill walking boot, heads up to Scotland, and gives her thoughts.

Scarpa has been evolving, developing, and expanding their collection for over 80 years. Founded by a family in Italy, today they have over 100 models, from climbing shoes, to ski boots and everything in between. Scarpa takes pride in their technology and quality. Combining their unique blend of traditional walking boot-making skills and modern manufacturing, you can be sure that each boot has been carefully designed and tested to suit the user and activity.

Designed to set a new benchmark on comfort, the RUSH TRK GTX is made to reduce foot fatigue through a culmination of soft comfort, solid stability, and a lightweight feel. This do-it-all boot offers the support and protection of a boot but features a trail shoe-inspired sole that simultaneously increases traction and allows for more shock absorption on the hills.

The abrasion-resistant and durable 1.6-1.8mm leather upper is paired with a GORE-TEX Performance Comfort lining. The waterproof surface and highly breathable membrane allow moisture and heat to be dispersed, protecting feet from water and allowing sweat created inside the shoe to quickly evaporate. The padded, Autofit 3D collar stabilizes the entire foot without pressure points while offering ankle support, protection, and comfort.

The new Scarpa PRESA sole is made with a high-grip and durable compound, pronounced heel, and hiking-oriented lugs, which promote braking on descents and grip on climbs. In addition, the IKS (Interactive Kinetic System) technology, characterized by 5 shock-absorbing areas (domes), progressively and specifically, supports the weight of your body.

My experience

With my go-to walking boots being a pair of Scarpa Delta GTX I already had high expectations for the new RUSH TRK. What I was not prepared for was how comfortable they would be straight out of the box. After trying them on and being fitted in one of our stores, it felt like I was walking on clouds. You can really feel the impact zones absorbing energy, and when navigating the tricky terrain on the Affric Kintail Way, I really felt this sole come into its own.

Before heading north to Scotland, I took the boots for their first outings to the Quantock Hills and the local area. The hydrophobic upper really surprised me when crossing a little stream. The water rolled straight off, which is very reassuring when you’re used to full leather boots. Despite it being the middle of the summer and during one of our heatwaves, my feet never got too hot thanks to the GORE-TEX Performance Comfort membrane, and the forgiving upper meant that my toes never felt cramped.

The PRESA TRK-01 sole is what makes this boot. Trekking-orientated, the TRK-01 provided grip on both wet and dry terrain. Five concave impact zones that compress and absorb energy as they touch down on the ground allowed secondary lugs to come into contact with the trail, further increasing traction, and allowing me to confidently navigate my way along the trail. The pronounced heel provided breaking on looser terrain when going downhill and the Dynamic Stabilizer Torsion System, along with the comfortable 3D Autofit collar kept my ankle and foot stable.

Sum up

After walking 50 miles over 4 days, in a pair of boots that were only 8 miles old, I only had one blister on my heel which appeared on day one. My feet never ached, cramped, or felt restrained, but they were always supported and kept dry, even after walking through streams and over boggy ground. I ended the trip feeling really impressed with these boots because comparing them to my Deltas – which can make my feet ache after a day – I could have been in a lot more discomfort. Especially on the final day, when navigating tricky descents on slippy terrain, I kept saying how impressed I was with these boots. I’ve never had a sole that was as grippy as the PRESA, and having a pair of boots that work with you can make a hike a lot more enjoyable. Thank you, Scarpa!

The Rush Trk is available in both men’s and women’s options