Fibreglass Replacement Tent Pole Set 9.5mm x 65cm

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Fibreglass Replacement Tent Pole Set 9.5mm x 65cm
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Repair your pole with this 9.5mm fibreglass pole set, includes all you need to thread and replace broken pole sections.
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There are times when you may, unfortunately, experience a pole split or shatter when your tent is under the heavy load of gale force winds and poor weather conditions.

This set features 5 poles measuring 9.5mm by 65cm, a spare ferrule, 4m of shock cord and a cord threader.

Tech Spec

Fibreglass Pole Repair Instructions

Your pole is made up of sections and an elasticated cord. The cord runs through each section and is simply knotted at either end.

1.ᅠMeasure the section or sections which are to be replaced (the new section will need to be cut to length). Cut the new section to the length measured. We would recommend using a small hacksaw. Once cut, the end should be filed or sand papered smooth. Tip- When cutting a new fibreglass pole, cut halfway through then turn the pole round and complete the cut from the opposite end. This will help prevent splinters

2.ᅠUntie the knot at one end of the pole.

3.ᅠRemove the sections one at a time until you reach the section that needs to be replaced (when it is time to re-assemble the pole it is important that the sections are put back in the same order- Tip- it may be beneficial to use numbered stickers on the sections so there is no doubt of the order).

4.ᅠAdd in the new section / sections and re-thread the cord back through the sections and tie a knot at the end. (Use tweezers to reach into the sleeve and grab the knot if required).


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