DriveAway Kit - 4 Metre Set
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This Vango Driveaway Kit enables you to securely connect your Driveaway awning to your vehicle if it has a fixed gutter rail.

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Special Price £25.50

Regular Price: £30.00

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This Vango DriveAway Kit enables you to securely connect your Vango DriveAway awning to your vehicle if it has a fixed Kador rail.

The 4 metre refers to the length of the Kador rail on your vehicle and the length of the roof connection strip on your awning.

One side of the fabric strip is 6mm which is designed to fit into the supplied plastic figure of 8 strip that attaches directly to the awning and the additional 4/6mm side is designed to fit in your vans Kador rail. Please check the size of your vans Kador rail before purchase. 

Simply remove the fabric strip to detach your awning for day trips without needing to un-pitch your awning.

Tech Spec
  • Pack size: 105 x 7 x 12cm
Product Questions

Product Questions

I have vango kella 111 and recently purchased a awnings rail .it says that it was reduced from 7mm to 5mm to accommodate a majority of awnings .so do i need a 6mmm x6mm kador or a 6mmm 4mmm

Hello, thank you for your question. I would first start by measuring the internal diameter of your kador rail/ awning attachment strip that is attached to your vehicle (because they can sometimes be wider than stated), then measure the gap that runs along the length of the rail because if the beading is too small, there is a chance in windy conditions the strip could be pulled out. Because the beading on your awning is 6mm, you can try connecting this directly into your kador rail/ awning attachment strip to help determine what size to purchase. If the 6mm beading on your awning fits into the rail, you would need the 6mm-6mm, if the 6mm beading doesn't fit into the rail you would need the 6mm-4mm. I hope that helps!

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