Hekla 30 Firebox

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Hekla 30 Firebox
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Tentipi have cleverly designed their own firebox that not only folds flat for transportation, but to burn more efficiently
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The Tentipi Hekla fire box gives off little smoke but a lot of heat. Its cleaver design means that when packed flat, its so small and compact it can be taken everywhere. Large enough for big fires, the 30 is suitable for Nordic tipis size 7 and larger.

Many holes in the bottom of the box provide the fire with sufficient oxygen which increases the combustion efficiency as well as the heat produced. The frame around the fire also reflects the heat which ignites wood that otherwise may just smoke, reducing wood consumption.

Designed to be used on the ground or with a Tentipi floor that can be folded back. 

Care should always be taken when using a fire in the tents and should never be left unattended.

Tech Spec
  • Material: Slow rust iron
  • Weight: 3.95kg
  • Size: 51 x 32 x 17cm
  • Packed Size: 48.5 x 17 x 3cm
  • Protective bag included
Product Questions

Product Questions

Is the hekla 30 made of stainless steel?

I am unable to say for certain, but on inspection it certainly looks likestainless steel (Tentipi describe it as "low rust iron") and unlike the previous versions, the firebox does not have any anti corrosion coating - I hope this helps.

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