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Nevada MP Dual Protector - 2018
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Dual sided, this protector shields against damage and harmful UV rays to increase the life of your tent.

Product Info


Offering protection from heat and debris, the dual protector helps maintain a more comfortable environment in the tent and helps prolong its life.

Dual-sided; when used silver side up it reflects the sun’s rays whilst still allowing air to flow underneath. The roll-away, zip-off canopy can be used in this layout, giving a lovely shaded area over the side door.

Black side out helps warm the tent when the weather turns cooler, helping maintain a warmer climate and prolongs your camping season.

Tech Spec
  • Material – Outtex 3000 Silver coated, UPF 50+ (100% polyester taffeta) with taped seams
  • Zip-off, roll-away side extension can be used silver side up only
  • Upright pole set not included
  • Can be used alongside a front awning or extension
Product Questions

Product Questions

Hi, Just want to confirm that this will fit the 2018 outwell nevada mp 5 man tent. There appears to be so many variations of this tent but little info on the actual sizing of the protectors. Thanks

Yes, this is the roof protector designed specifically for the 2018 Nevada MP.

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