Men's Vakuum GTX - Dark Brown

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Men's Vakuum GTX - Dark Brown
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The Vakuum Men's GTX is a hill walking and trekking boot of the highest standard. It uses MFS Vakuum technology from Meindl.

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Special Price £238.49

Regular Price: £264.99

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The Menidl Men's Vakuum GTX is a hill walking and trekking boot of the highest standard. It uses MFS Vakuum technology from Meindl, and a stretch GORE-TEXᅠlining for breathable waterproof protection. Utilising the memory foam system throughout the boot and also on the footbed ensures great comfort and a fully customised fit.

The boot has a lightweight Vibramᅠsole unit with a deep tread for great support and grip. In the words of Trail magazine, the Vakuum GTX is "a superb new boot for hill and mountain walking with enhanced comfort and quality performance".


Care:ᅠCleaning and treatingᅠyour boots with the recommended care products will prolong their life, keep them waterproof, and maintain their breathability. Please see the products we recommend below.ᅠ

Tech Spec
  • Upper: Nubuck leather
  • Lining: GORE-TEX
  • Footbed: AIR-ACTIVE Vakuum
  • Sole: Meindl Multigriff 2 by Vibram
  • Weight: 800g
  • Sole No.: 56
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Product Questions

Product Questions

In selecting shoe size, does the 9H mean it's a 9.5? Thanks,

Yes h is half

Hi. I am interested the the Vakuum boots. I have a pair of these at the moment which I am hoping to replace, however I can't remember what size my pair are and the tag has worn off! Is there a way to tell, perhaps by measuring them! (I think they are either a size: 9, 9.5 or 10) Thanks

Thanks for your question.  To get a close measurement as possible i removed the insole from each of the sizes specified and measured them.  I measured from the tip of the top straight back tight to the back of the heal of the insole. 

The measurements are as follows.

Boot size Measurement (cm)
9 28.5
9.5 28.7
10 29


1. Is it advisable to have the boots fitted in a store rather than merely to order online by size?2. To help correct an age-caused weakness in my left leg, I have recently acquired orthotic pads to wear in my shoes and tennis shoes. This adjusts my tread to prevent my foot tending to point outward ('knock kneed') and is helping to cure aches in my left knee and, after walking, an ache in my left foot.Is it likely that the support given by the conformable (?) foam in the Vakuum GTX boot will do the same job for me as my orthotic pads? I assume you would not recommend I used the orthotics in your boots.

Thanks for your question. Having looked into both questions for you we have found the following information.

We would highly recommend you pop into one of our stores to have the boots fitted properly by one of our trained boot fitters. Especially the instance that you have had foot and leg issues.

Now, you have mentioned your orthotic pad.  With wearing them in your tennis shoes it sounds like it has made a massive difference in your walking and in reducing the pains, we would not rule out wearing them in your walking boots.

We also stock a product called Superfeet. Superfeet make insoles for shoes and have been developed alongside medical practioners and orthotics experts to provide solutions to problems such as yours. To my knowledge, they are the only insole company in the world that has this kind of relationship and product development ground in medicine.

If you were able to pop into one of our stores you can talk to our staff who are trained specifically in footwear fitting and Superfeet to help you best fit for yourself, including the possibility of using your orthotics in the boots as well.

Follow the 'our stores' link above for full contact info of our branches. 

Hope that helps!

Is the Meindl Vakuum built from the same last as the Meindl Kansas. The Kansas fits me perfectly, will the Vakuum.

Thank you for your question.  Meindl use the same moulds for all there shoes.  However due to the boots being different designs and material.  They might have a slightly different fit overall but having tested both boots side by side there is very small differences in shape. 


Is the Vakuum also for a wider fitting foot similar for example to the Meran? Do you have size 9.5 in stock?

Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, the Vakuum is a reasonable width but not as generous as the Meran which is very generous. We currently have 9.5 in stock with further stock on order. (23.09.15)

what aftercare would you recommend for these boots...what products and how often?

When the boots are dirty, remove the laces and footbeds and clean using a brush for the soles and uppers and a small damp sponge for the boot lining ( this also removes small sharp grit particles which will damage the waterproof lining). A footwear cleaning gel may help at this stage.

Allow the boots to dry naturally away from any heat sources. Now, following the manufacturers instructions, apply a coat of wax to the leather,paying particular attention to seams. This may need to be repeated.

The proofing wax may be a water-based synthetic wax, a natural wax in the form of a cream or more traditional hard wax. The choice is yours, many people prefer to use the boot manufacturers own product - this makes good sense.

Replace the footbeds and laces and enjoy the slightly smug feeling that accompanies owning well maintained footwear!

Is this boot suitable for dartmoor's wet conditions&coastal walking as though mountains are in my walking habits the former are the majority due to where i live(st Ives)? Looked at the menial air revolutions but worried not "man"enough for the job? ON sizing my foot measures 29.5,would you recommend size 11.5? Thanks JK

The Vakuum is a superb quality hill/mountain walking boot. I would, provided the fit is ok, be very happy to recommend them. The Air Revolution is also a good boot, how appropriate is is would depend on the type of activity you intend.

Regarding sizing, 29.5 cm should be a Uk 12, however, there is a lot more to a correct fit than overall length. If possible, it would be a good idea to have your feet measured correctly and the boot fitted by an experienced fitter. 

I hope this helps.

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