Sorry, we don't list the maps on-line, but our stores sell a wide range of Ordnance Survey maps for local and popular areas such as the Lake District, Snowdon or Ben Nevis etc Click Here to contact a store

Summary of our stock:

OS Landranger, perfect for day trips and short break at a scale of 4cm to 1km (2½ inches to 1 mile)  (1:50,000)

The OS Explorer map is ideal for walkers, cyclists,  horse riders and really all outdoor enthusiasts, this smaller scale map at 1:25,000 is really useful.

OS Outdoor Leisure maps focus on the most popular tourist areas for walkers, off-road cyclists, horse riders and all involved in outdoor activities. They are 1:25 000 scale 4 cm to 1 km or 2½ inches to 1 mile. Features include: Picnic areas and viewpoints.

Our maps are available laminated, or as paper versions in  (wilderness or lamfold ).

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