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What we’re wearing part 1–Summer Wild Camps

Words by Taunton Leisure

on 08/07/2020 16:58:55

Wildcamping outfit top image

What we’re wearing Part 1 - Summer Wild Camps

In part 1 of our clothing series, we’re giving you some great ideas for the ultimate overnight outfit in the wild.

Wild Camping


“A magnificent untamed landscape all to yourself”

I love wild camping! For me, there is nothing like escaping the crowds, packing your bag with a lightweight tent and all your gear, dogs in tow, and heading out into the rough country for a night under the stars. Wild camping means you’ll often have a magnificent untamed landscape all to yourself giving you a chance to explore some of the most beautiful parts of Britain and beyond, build your skills, go back to basics and enjoy the peace and quiet that you can only find outdoors. Summer is one of the best times to head out and requires a little less kit then other seasons, though the sun will provide other challenges with it’s intense heat and other factors such as the increase in hungry bug life. It should also be noted that just because it’s Summer does not mean that the rain is ever too far away, especially at high altitudes.

It is important to be equipped with the right clothing and gear for your nights in the wild to help you get the very most of your time outside. It is amazing the difference that the correct outdoor clothing provides. There are many good pieces of clothing for the outdoors in Summer, but here are some of my very favourite products that have served me well over many camps out in some wild British Summer weather.

But first … some ground rules

(Thanks to a helpful nudge, we have decided to add this part in to help combat the effects of those who harm the environment when uneducated on the rules)

Whether you are new to wild camping or not, it is always a good idea to learn the laws and general practices surrounding wild camping in order to respect the landscapes we love so much and the people who live there. There are specific rules that govern access for wild camping and it is important to get acquainted with and strictly follow them.

Where can you wild camp? It is generally illegal to go wild camping in England and Wales without the land owners permission, however there are places you can go which allow wild camping in certain areas such as Dartmoor in the South-West and the Lake District, it is important to do your research and know the areas where you can and cannot camp. If you are still unsure, there are many sparse, beautiful campsites across both of these national parks which would still be great to camp in. Scotland, unlike England and Wales, benefits from open right-to-roam rules. Scotland is indeed the only area of the UK which effectively allows wild camping on most unenclosed land such as several of its national parks, making them the perfect place to wild camp.

Slobs left a Dartmoor beauty spot looking like a rubbish tip and ...

A sadly semi common sight in Dartmoor national park. It is vital that all visitors leave no trace of their visit.

Rules to stick by

- Leave no trace of your stay. This should go without saying, but it is still all too common finding litter and signs of human occupation. Areas such as National parks should be kept pristine for all to enjoy. Do not leave any rubbish behind, always clear up any mess you have made and ensure that you do not disturb any wildlife.

- Don’t light any fires. Again, it is still sadly all too common to stumble across fire scars in the landscape where people have built a campfire, burning up the soil and foliage. Fires leave a mark on the landscape that can take a very long time to heal and leave a trace of your visit. They can also be very dangerous and many campfires have spread and seriously damaged the landscape in the past. Use camping stoves and carefully and ensure that no grass is being scorched.

- Be respectful when answering a call of nature. It happens, you’re out in the middle of nowhere and inevitably you’re going to need to go to the toilet, you cannot just go anywhere. Make sure that you go to the toilet well away from any natural streams or rivers and bury anything you leave behind with a shovel or trowel. Feminine hygiene products should be treated like rubbish and taken with you – animals can dig them up which makes for a very unpleasant sight for others to come across later.

- Blend in and don’t be an eyesore. When other people are walking and hiking, they want to enjoy the landscape just as much as you do. This is why it is very important to blend in and not take up a large space. Only small tents should be used with earthy, neutral colours which are low to the ground. Absolutely no amplified music should be played and unless in a case of emergency, you should keep your personal volume low.

If you are still in any doubt, the National Parks website is a fantastic resource which we highly recommend reading through.


The Tilley Iconic T1 Hat

For me, when it comes to protection from all potential conditions, it has to be a Tilley hat on my head. Terrific quality and craftsmanship aside, the Iconic T1 Hat is the perfect sunhat on hot, windy or wet days. Its beautiful cotton duck fabric is very breathable and offers a certified UPF 50+ to help keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays. A water resistant treatment has been applied to the fabric allowing excellent protection from the rain and it also aids in quick drying so that it’ll be nice and dry by morning the next day. Side grommets (ventilation holes) and a Hydrofil sweatband take care of any moisture coming from you during hot weather. This hat protects from moisture coming at it in all directions!

On windy days, a front and back wind cord system secures the hat atop your head so that you won’t have to chase your way back down the hill path you’ve spent ages heading up while searching for the perfect camp spot to settle down for the evening.

This is a great choice with a full selection of sizes available and is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE, it may be the only sunhat you’ll ever need.

Take a look and shop for the Tilley Iconic T1 Hat HERE


The Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Shirts

Keeping in the spirit of leaving no trace, these T-shirts (available for both women and men) are made from Capilene, a 100% recycled polyester jersey fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin, breathes really efficiently and dries quickly. These technical tees from the innovative outdoor gear maker, Patagonia are perfect for hot weather and will keep you cool and dry while wrestling with your tent poles or heading up the mountain path in search of the camp spot with the best view.

The shirts are soft, light and forgiving on the skin. Combined with Heiq Fresh, a sustainable odour control, and thanks to its quick drying capability , you’ll be able to ear these tees for several days on the trail and are great to sleep in.

These tees also have a built in UPF 50+ Sun protection for long days out in the sun.

Shop for the Men’s Capilene Cool Trails Shirt HERE

Shop for the Women’s Capeline Cool Trail Shirt HERE


The Rab Downpour Plus Waterproof Jacket

Nobody can stop Summer rain so it is best to take it in your stride, after all, it’s good for the plants. Though it may seem sunny when you first head out, you don’t ever want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain, especially overnight, without waterproof protection. I have chosen Rab’s Downpour plus jacket because it focuses really well on softness, minimal weight and high levels of wind and water protection with excellent breathability in the otherwise still warm weather. The Downpour packs down into its own left pocket, meaning it takes up a very small amount of room and weight in your pack. If the rain comes, you can quickly pull it out and throw it on keeping you protected from Summer downpours (its in the name).

Great for your walk out to your camp spot or sitting around it.

Shop for the Men’s Downpour Plus HERE

Shop for the Women’s Downpour Plus HERE


The Rab Nimbus and Women’s Microlight Insulated Jackets

Though the thought of donning an insulated jacket in the Summer heat is ridiculous, when the sun goes down and the winds roll by, you’re going to find yourself potentially getting pretty chilly whilst sat around camp. This is why in my opinion, an insulated jacket or fleece is an essential piece of kit. Just like the waterproof, you may not need it all the time but just in case a chill nips the air like it so often does at high elevations and in wild spaces, you’ll be glad to have it. Nothing is fun when you’re cold except for maybe wild swimming, but we’re camping!

I’ve chosen the men’s Nimbus jacket from Rab because it packs down small, is pretty light and being synthetic, will dry quicker than down in case it gets soggy. This means it should be alright by the chilly morning. With Rabs excellent synthetic Cirrus insulation, you’ll be getting the same warmth to weight ration as 600FP duck down. The hood also works very snugly with a head torch at night.

For women, I’ve chose the Rab Microlight Jacket, these are very comfortable and the perfect thing to throw on during a cold evening. Warmth, weight and packability are the key features of this very popular jacket. It packs into its own small carry bag which helps to pack it away into your pack, taking up as little room as possible. 750FP R.D.S Certified down fills the lining of this surprisingly toasty jacket. The insulation itself has a Nikwax hydrophobic coating allowing it to take more rain than just about any other down insulated jacket on the market, allowing you a little longer to scramble for that waterproof or dive into your tent when the heavens open.

Shop for the men’s Nimbus Jacket HERE

Shop for the women’s Microlight Jacket HERE

Vidda and convert

The Men’s Fjällräven Vidda Pro Trousers and Women’s TNF Exploration Convertible Pant

Sitting around during camp comes with unseen challenges. The reason I have not chosen shorts in this category is for two reasons. 1. Chilly evenings and 2. Ticks! If you fellas out there run really hot, take big heavy walks on hot days and are packing bug repellent and tweezers then I salute you and also recommend instead these marvellous Fjällräven Barents Pro Shorts which have many of the same qualities as the Fjällräven Vidda pro trouser which I’ll get into now.

Made of Fjällräven’s super durable G-1000 material, these trousers are adaptable for year round use, carry a UPF 50+ sun protection, are mosquito proof and are reinforced on the seat and knees to protect themselves from abrasion when sitting on improvised granite chairs at camp or kneeling on the ground. They have plenty of great pockets for holding all your little supplies such as snacks, a camping knife or tents pegs during pitching. Ankle straps tighten and adjust around your boots and a small clip attaches the trouser to your laces which makes them perfect for bug protection and does not allow small water droplets to fall into the top of your boots. These trousers have been camping with me all throughout England, Scotland and Sweden. They’re my perfect pair of outdoor trousers.

For women, I’ve opted for something rather different. The North Face have specially designed the Exploration Convertible Pant for versatility. Great for all year round use, these trousers zip off into shorts making them excellent for longer hikes towards your camp spot where you can zip them back into trousers when the temperature drops at night. The lightweight fabric is very comfortable, tough, and holds a durable water repellent finish which is perfect for light showers and splashes. This smart legwear carries a UPF 50+ sun protection.

Shop for the Fjällräven Vidda Pro Trousers HERE

Shop for the Women’s Exploration Convertible Pant HERE


The Smartwool PHD Light Crew Sock

A good pair of tough, moisture wicking walking socks are perfect for wild camping. Them in cooperation with your boots are what are going to get you to your perfect camp spot after all and I believe that the PHD light crew sock from Smartwool is perfect for summer walking and camping. I’ve opted for the medium height option as opposed to the short as these are what work best with walking boots while providing something to tuck trousers into to keep the bugs out (not that you’ll have to if you use the Vidda Pro Trousers above!).

These socks are made using very nice quality merino wool, which regulates temperature excellently, dries quickly and when combined with a little nylon and elastane provide a really tough sock that’ll last for ages and really snugly grip your ankle and not fall down through the boot as you walk. During Summer, these socks will certainly not have a problem keeping your feet warm at night if your feet get cold.

Shop Mens HERE

Shop Womens HERE


The Altberg Malham

In my opinion, Altberg make some of the best outdoor hillwalking boots, their awesome reputation speaks for itself. I’ve chosen the Malham for its weight, performance and durability. When you need a tough boot to get you to the perfect camp spot whether it be half way up a mountain or down at the foot of a lake, the Malham is great! Remarkably supportive despite its lower profile, the A-forme last provides those with asymmetric feet a really good amount of grip and protection. If you have a wider or more symmetrical foot, I recommend the Altberg Fremington in the Malham’s place which comes in 5 different widths for fussier fits.

A sympatex waterproof lining keeps rain and moisture out of the boot, great for trekking through wet grass and puddles. The lining is also very breathable and the lower ankle makes it easier for hot air to escape. The Excellent Vibram Masai sole unit is perfect for all day use and the deep lugs mean that the sole will last for hundreds of miles of walking through rough country.

The Malham is available in both mens and womens sizes.

Shop for the Malham HERE for mens sizes.

Shop HERE for womens sizes.

Me with frozen beard

       This selection was chosen and written about by Oli who takes care of the TL Blog. He spends as much
       time as he can camping outdoors with his two very large dogs.

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