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Camping Chef Stove & Grill

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Camping Chef Stove & Grill
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The Camping Chef from Campingaz has two burners and a third radian burner underneath for toasting bread, grilling bacon
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The Camping Chef from Campingaz has two burners and a third radian burner underneath for toasting bread, grilling bacon, etc.

Its legs fold down for easy storage and transportation, and the Push & Turn child resistant knobs allow for precise power adjustment. Supplied with gas tube and clips.

Operates from Campingaz 904 and 907 refillable bottles - See offerbelow.

  • Weight: 5.8kg
  • Size: L52.5 x W31 x H22cm
Product Questions

Product Questions

Is this product sold with a regulator? Regards M

Im afraid that the regulator is not included in with the camping chef but it is available for £7.99 from us on the link below

Can I use propane gas as well as Butane with this cooker? Also, will the regulator I can purchase for £7.99 fit both style bottles? Thank You

Thanks for your question, we have looked into this matter and we recommend the following things. 

Firstly the regulator does not fit both propane and butane bottles.  Also propane and butane run with different pressures.  This means that the regulators have to be different ratings to handle the gas that they are designed for.

You also asked if the cooker will run with either Butane or Propane.  Unfortunately we are unable to give a yes or no answer.  This is due to the manufacture not stating if they do or not. 

However there are people that have run both types of gas and they have not had issues.  They where running the regulator for the gas and gas bottles.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Can you use other gas bottle and regulator for this product apart from campingaz 904 and 907 refillable bottles. In other words can you use a bigger cylinder for this product?

Thanks for your question.

We would recommend only using a 904 or 907 Campingaz bottle with this stove. Campingaz do not state whether a larger cylinder with a different regulator can be used in conjunction with their stoves, therefore we would remain cautious and advise to stick with the cylinders they recommend.

Hi. Can you tell me the length of the supplied hose?

Hi, the hose is approx 1m.

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