Sea To Summit Delta Range Review, Camping in the Swedish Winter

The ultimate dinnerware for huddled, chilly, dinner parties in the Scandinavian winter wilderness

The Test

At the beginning of March, I took part in the Swedish Hilleberg Outdoor Academy Winter Tour 2019. Four days and nights in temperatures as cold as -28c. We trekked for up to 7 hours each day through the stunning forests, over the sides of mountains and carefully across the frozen rivers and lakes of Vålådalens Nature Reserve.

During this time I needed some solid and practical cutlery and crockery that could deal with the cold without becoming brittle (a problem with some harder plastic cutlery). It had to fit easily into my pack or pulk without weighing me down when trekking. It also couldn’t get too hot when I filled it with boiling hot porridge or noodles.

Well thought out and nifty features

Sea-to-Summit’s Delta range of products surprised me in how well thought out a simple camp bowl, mug and spoon can be. Especially when working together so I have highlighted just a few nifty little features for each product I have used.

Firstly, the Delta long handled spoon! The majority of our main evening meals were out of Expedition foods packets; the Delta Spoon is made with that very thought in mind. No sticky, wet knuckles were suffered whilst desperately scraping the last few mouthfuls of beef chilli out of the food packet. The spoon also has rough wider tipped handle which makes it good with gloves and has a smoother surface on the “Bowl” of the spoon (the bit that goes into your mouth) which gives it a better mouth feel.

The spoon comes into its own however when combined with the Delta Bowl in the morning for my essential bowl of porridge as the tip of the spoon is designed with the exact shape to fit perfectly into the curve of the Delta Bowl making scraping out every last bit of food easy, no more licking the bowl! The Delta Bowl also makes use of Sea-to-Summit’s Protex Hex-Pattern Base which never allows food to be too hot to handle. The Thumb groove on the side of the bowl is also pretty handy whilst wearing large, clumsy gloves. Special shout out for the bowl as it also made a very handy snow scoop whilst melting snow out in the Swedish Mountains. (Our only means of getting any water)

Lastly, the Delta insulated mug performed very admirably. Out in the cold, your much craved cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate can suffer greatly and can become rather tepid in just minutes. An insulated Mug is essential and a nice sippy lid with a string pull for great use with gloves  is an added bonus, again the Delta insulated mug has a Protex Hex-Base. Given the cold, the mug kept my tea hot long enough for me to sip it slowly and comfortably.

On top of these features, the delta range of dinnerware is all incredibly easy to clean. I simply just had to rub some snow around them for an easy on the go washing up option, but even porridge didn’t make a habit of sticking to the inside of the bowl.


These are all fantastic options for your lightweight wilderness excursions. Perfect for everything from extreme expeditions, to more comfortable meadow camping with the family. There is no reason in my mind, why they wouldn’t last many more adventures to come.

Oli from our Exeter store wrote this review and loves roaring campfires and untouched wilderness. He is regularly out on Dartmoor, walking the coast paths and wild camping, whatever the weather conditions.

As an expert in bushcraft survival he also likes the kind of gear that lasts and gets the job done.

Photography by Ian Everett Kelway and Angus Whitby

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