Rab Neutrino 600 Sleeping Bag Review

James Whitworth from our Taunton store tested the Rab Neutrino sleeping bag while camping in the Jämtland mountains of Northern Sweden. He would recommend the sleeping bag due to its small pack size, weight and its warmth.

I used this sleeping bag for a five-day trekking trip to Northern Sweden in September and was very pleased with its performance, I found that this bag was warm enough for the trip and that it was able to moderate my temperature in the varying temperatures I faced.


Comfortable in conditions -6 degrees to +1

I found this sleeping bag to be more than comfortable enough for the conditions I was in which ranged from –6 to +1 degrees at night. There where nights where pulled my arms out of the sleeping bag and was surprised about how cold my tent was compared to the inside of the sleeping bag, I believe that part of this was how well the down allowed my body to stay at a comfortable temperature. This allowed the bag to be cosy in warmer and colder temperatures.

I found that the material on the inside of the sleeping bag felt very comfortable next to the skin and therefore sleeping in the bag was very comfortable. The outer fabric of the bag was also surpassingly though and water resistant which was very useful when getting in and out of the tent, but also helped when I was airing the sleeping bag.


Good features – phone pocket and zips

The bag also has a few good features like the fact that you can unzip the bag from the bottom while still having the top of the bag zipped, this allowed me to vent out excess heat while still being in the bag. The zip on the bag operated smoothly and easily allowing you to get out quickly easily without getting the zip caught on excess material. I also like the fact that there was a perfect sized phone pocket on the inside of the bag which allowed me to have it close to hand but also keep its battery warm increasing its battery life.


The hood

The mummy hood was a lot bigger than my head, and I couldn’t reduce its size small enough. Although this didn’t effect me on this trip, it is something to consider on a colder trip.



To summarise I was very pleased with this sleeping bag and would recommend it due to its small pack and weight as well as its warmth and fabric performance.