Osprey Tempest 9 Product Review


This women's lightweight day pack is an iconic pack suitable for hiking or commuting. Alice from Taunton has reviewed the rucksack and uses it on her daily commute.

Tempest 9 “Stylish yet functional”

I chose Osprey’s Tempest 9 because it’s stylish yet functional. It’s also super lightweight; only 0.61kg, but large enough (46 L x 23 W x 21 D) that I can cram it full of running kit, lunch boxes, a laptop and shoes and still barely feel like I am wearing it. Particularly when I’m on the bike, it’s important that I can move freely and not feel weighed down, but because this pack is so light it remains comfortable to wear.

Osprey Tempest cycling to work


Designed for women

Another key feature that is special about this rucksack is that it is designed for women which means the chest strap is in the right place to be comfortable, supportive and functional and the bodywrap hip belt is specially created with the female body shape in mind. Overall the pack is also shorter, with a narrower shoulder width than the male equivalent again with female wearers in mind. I am 5”6 and have found the Tempest 9 to be the perfect size for me. Osprey do however make a larger version the Tempest 20 which might be suited to taller women or those who need more overall space in the rucksack.

Comfortable when used for running, walking or cycling

In terms of functionality this is when the bag really comes in to its own. When I’ve worn this bag to run home it’s performed extremely well. The AirScape back mesh system stopped my back from getting too sweaty but most of all due to the chest strap and hipbelt fitting me extremely well the rucksack didn’t move or bounce around excessively. In fact, I hardly knew I was wearing it and it didn’t interfere with my running style.

Osprey Tempest 9 Cycling 

Many individual features

With regards to the rucksack’s individual features this pack has so many it’s hard not to just list them. The ones that have proved most useful for me (in other words the things I use every day) are the stretch front pocket, the perfect size for a water bottle or lunch box, the zip pockets on the hip belt where I store my office badge and door fob – this is a life saver to me as I don’t have to remove the bag when I get to work to root around for my fob to open the door, and the lidlock helmet attachment which is how I store my helmet once I arrive in the office.

I also love the front bungee compression system which is so useful for shoving a jacket in when you’ve run out of room inside the main compartments and it’s too warm to cycle home wearing it.

Finally, I also think the space for an additional internal water bladder is a fantastic function as it then doesn’t take up room inside the main compartment. This is a feature I will be making use of in the next few weeks when I do a 10 mile, off road trail run on the Quantock Hills.

One last thing, the storage solutions and the many pockets are well thought out in this pack. There are key clips so these don’t get lost in the depths of the bag, zip mesh pockets and large storage sections inside and out. The bag is reflective, a great safety feature for me as a commuter and it also has a LED light attachment point which I use to attach a small red flashing LED.

It is not waterproof but a separate raincover can be bought to use with it which would definitely be useful to have for those rainy commutes.



If you’re looking for a rucksack that is suitable for day hiking (definitely not enough room to make this an overnight bag) commuting, and running this could be just what you need. This is a high quality, durable pack and while the price point is at the higher end, its fit and functions in my opinion make the rucksack worth this price. A must have piece of kit for hikers, runners, and cycle commuters alike. I really do love this rucksack.

Alice Rimes-Bowen