ON Running: Swiss Engineered Performance in Trail Shoes

ON Running: Swiss Engineered Performance.

Take a look at our new range of lightweight, rough and ready runners and hikers.

Lightweight & Durable


We are always on the search for a good shoe and when it comes to runners, we have been truely impressed by On Running, a relatively unknown Swiss shoemaker making a huge name for itself. A wonderful aesthetic is paired with outstanding performance, made for runners and hikers of all levels. Within our range, lightweight design is the central theme paired with what we search for in every shoe or boot we bring into the range, durability. Running and hiking footwear needs to be tough! Optimal durability paired with a lightweight and comfortable design is unfortunately seldom met. The On range however meets these important demands and is sure to aid you in all of your running and speed hiking needs. Lets take a look at the new products taking their place within our expansive range of outdoor footwear.


Clodventure Men's waterproof.
Cloudventure Women's Waterproof.

The Cloudventure Waterproof Running Trail Shoe

The Cloudventure is a lightweight trail running shoe, built to excel in demanding outdoor conditions. These waterproof trail shoes are perfect for runners who won’t let the elements set them back. The swiss-engineered Speedboard is a liquid-injected plate of thermoplastic polymer sitting between the CloudTec midsole and the upper. It reduces the kinetic energy lost in the transition between strides and efficiently converts energy into forward motion. Narrower at the midfoot for added torsion, it lets your foot flow over rocky terrain.

The Missiongrip outsole combines multiple grip patterns so you keep control on the trail in changeable conditions. The unrivalled cushioning of Zero Gravity Cloud elements consists of strategically placed heel clouds to absorb impact on inclines.

The advanced ON 100% waterproof membrane still lets your feet breathe for comfort. It is also high stretchable, so you can move freely and comfortable over uneven ground. Additional elastic loop on the tongue keeps your lace ends from trailing over wet ground or becoming a trip hazard.

The Cloudventure Peak Trail Racing Shoe

The Cloudventure Peak is a next generation trail racing shoe for those who like to run in the mountains at high speed.

The upper features a feather light yet durable ripstop fabric that combines protection with breathability and just the right amount of stretch. Supportive elastic taping wraps the foot, adding hold and a supportive inner-sock construction provides precision fit and comfort when you push to pace. The new Speedboard features a split forefoot design and narrower midfoot to increase torsion for responsive agility over uneven ground.

For more grip and more speed, the Missiongrip technology in an aggressive grip pattern adds bite on soft trails and steep climbs. Varied patterns in the 'sticky' rubber overlay provide hold on rough and smooth surfaces. Five cloud elements are precisely positioned in the forefoot to absorb impact and in the heel, the cloudTec elements provide soft landings as you power downhill.

The Cloudrock Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Cloudrock Waterproof is a Swiss-engineered speed hiking boot. It combines the protection and support of a traditional hiking boot with the speed and lightness of a running shoe.

Terrain proof. Element proof. Excuse proof. The first On speed-hiking boot is built for traction, pace and protection in all conditions. And it's up to 35% lighter than competitors. Born in the Swiss Alps, it's engineered for performance stride after mountain-top stride.

The durable membrane is wind- and waterproof. Two types of mesh in the mid- and forefoot enhance stability and breathability. The high collar is made for movement and, like the tongue, is reinforced with padding. The rubberized mudguard is tough but light and flexible - the ideal blend of speed and shield.

Missiongrip rubber adds traction while lugs bite into soft trails. The Swiss-engineered FlexLock system means laces can be tied traditionally or with a single pull and gives you the option to tighten the lower and upper section of the shoe individually. A 360° mudguard protects and the Speedboard provides propulsion, stability and a very smooth rolling transition which you will fell the benefit more when talking downhill. Tongue straps secure laces and Zero-Gravity CloudTec ensures cushioned landings.

Staff Thoughts: The Cloud Venture Peak Trail Racing Shoes

"A month or so ago I got the chance to try a pair of the new Cloud venture peak shoes. My first impressions out of the box were good, the finish of the shoes is really good. Walking around the shop for the first time in them felt a bit weird as the large lugs in the centre of the mid sole take some getting used to, however your brain seems to dial this out after a few minutes.

First run up on dartmoor in them was great , conditions were perfect in that the ground under foot was very wet from all the rain we have had lately which showed off how good those deep lugs are at gripping loose wet peaty ground.

A 12 mile out and back loop towards chagford gave them a good test and they were pretty decent. I thought they might be a bit hard under foot as the structure of the shoe is so minimal but I have had no problems. They are also incredibly light !!

I am looking forward to more runs in them over the next couple of months."

- Nick B, Exeter Store Manager.

Full Review Coming Soon!