Meindl Socks - Why are they different?

The new range of Meindl socks have been tested by the team. The Meindl Air Revolution Dry socks and Meindl Long Hunting socks have stepped up to the test.


Meindl is a German brand that started off as a small shoe making business at the end of the 17th century, it slowly grew into a larger business, and a few decades ago became one of the most recognised outdoor brands in Europe. This is thanks to innovations such as the first multi grip sole and using Gore-Tex in boots. The 21st century has seen Meindl nicely blending tradition with modern technologies such as their Memory Foam System for improved fit and comfort.

Meindl Air Revolution Dry Socks

Meindl has been equally clever and technical when manufacturing socks. They blend traditional wool with modern technologies and pack them with some great features.

Previously, I only knew Meindl as a footwear manufacturer, but since Taunton Leisure has started stocking their socks, I was curious how they would perform compared to my favourite Smartwools.

The model I picked is called Air Revolution Dry and according to Meindl's description, they guarantee dry and warm feet through a better humidity transport to the exterior; they are easy to care for and durable due to intelligent selection of the material: Merino wool and Meindl DRY FIBER; they are ultra-light thanks to the patented plush in the cuff and on top of the foot; and they have ventilation channels on the sole. They also offer a high wear comfort through a seamless heel, ankle bandage with integrated knuckle protection, hand finished toe zone and soft band without any rubber threads.

The Test and Verdict

After wearing them a few times now, I can say that they are indeed very comfortable. They are soft and feel non-restricting due to the relaxed, rubber-free band.

I have worn them on my working days which include a 30 minutes power walk in the morning, all day on my feet and another 30-35 minutes (uphill this time!) of fast walking on the way home. They have also been worn on my days off, one of which included a hike in varied terrain, whilst wearing waterproof, less breathable boots. The latter occasion was the only time I could notice a slight difference in how not-so-dry my feet felt afterwards... leaving Smartwool PhD range still on the top of my list of favourite socks. The difference wasn't massive though and I think I can put Meindl on the second place of that list.

I like how they feel against my skin, they have just the right amount of cushioning for my liking, they kept me warm and mostly dry. I think the only thing that could be improved is the merino wool to synthetics/cotton mix ratio. Synthetics are great at wicking the moisture but so is merino wool and wool has the added benefit of leaving the feet feeling fresher whilst being better for environment at the same time. I understand that the ratio Meindl uses makes the socks more durable.

I can safely recommend the Meindl Air Revolution Dry socks to anyone. If you're new to proper walking socks – they will be the best socks you have ever worn. And if you aren't new – you will have a comparison that we'll be happy to hear about!

Aleks from our Bristol Store wrote this review. She loves spending time in nature, hiking and talking about hiking when in store! Her personal interests include ethical fashion and anything veganism related.

Meindl Long Hunting Socks

I have tried a pair called Meindl Long Hunting Socks. I am not a hunter but will use them for other activities such as fishing, skiing, walking or wearing with wellingtons. They are also good for keeping you warm when watching football or rugby on a cold Saturday.

I have used them a few times and they are really comfortable and warm. They go up to your knees while being light at the same time.

The materials are a mix of merino wool (50%) and other synthetic components; Dupont Thermolite. This means they keep you warm with minimal weight. They are anatomically shaped with reinforced heel and toe sections and have a sophisticated ventilation system for maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the boot.

Overall, I am really pleased with these new socks, and they have not let me down!

Pablo from our Bristol Store provided this review. He is a climber and loves it in all forms, from bouldering to sport to trad and indoor. His favourite climbing is outdoors and being in nature with proper rock.

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