Luci lights - Just add sun!

Just add sun!

Making a difference

When we talk about well performing outdoor equipment and lightweight technical gear, one sadly doesn’t think of solar powered lighting. It is too often thought of as being a permanent garden light on a stake or a poorly designed device which can be left for days in full sunshine but still giving not even enough light to illuminate your guide book.

Things have changed. The Luci Light is a surprisingly smart and effective little light. It is brought to us from across the pond, made a by a relatively young company, Mpowerd. This is a company which has set out to make a difference with their products, having given over 60,000 of these lights across the world for disaster relief where people need light in times of natural disaster and crisis. They also provide light to schools around the world in areas where there is no electricity, this gives children a light source to read and write by. All of this while giving off less Co2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The Light itself

Surprisingly powerful, Luci gives enough bright light to light up any small tent or social space within a larger shelter. You can easily read, play cards or light up a work space in the shed as the lights gives off a really nice, warm 70 Lumens of light for at least a full seven hours, on lower power settings, it can easily go for a full 24 hours. Seven hours of sunlight will give the light a full charge meaning seven hours of sun for seven hours of good, bright light.

The light is inflatable. This means that it is really lightweight, has a small pack size and is surprisingly tough (it bounces nicely). The inflatable chamber also helps radiate light in all directions.

Light Features

Another really nice bonus with the lights in our range is the charging port, this enables the light to also double as a portable charger giving you enough power to get your electronic devices going again, so if you rely on your phone or GPS device it can really help you find your feet.

Within the range there is the Pro outdoor 2.0, giving up to 150 Lumens of light and mobile charging. There is also the Pro Lux, a similar light with a charging port and a cloudy filter reducing glare and giving off a much warmer, more sociable light. Finally for special occasions or for when you just want to set a mood we have the Luci Color, which has a full spectrum of different colours and has a mode which slowly fades through a bright rainbow, great for any spontaneous outdoor parties.

This Light makes a really refreshing difference in the market of outdoor lighting. It’s Innovative, versatile and is coming from a company which knows that making a difference in the world is something many companies will need to start considering if they want to keep their ethical status.

Oli from our Exeter store wrote this review and is regularly out on Dartmoor, the coast paths and wild camping, whatever the conditions.

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