Hilleberg Outdoor Academy Tour and Tent Review


James Whitworth from our Taunton store was invited on the Hilleberg Outdoor Academy Tour in September to try out the range of Hilleberg tents in Sweden.

The tour consisted of 5 days wild camping in the Jämtland mountains of Northern Sweden and James tried out one of the tents from the black, red and yellow categories of the Hilleberg labelled range.

Hilleberg tents in Sweden

NAMMATJ 2 – Black Label

I personally prefer dome tents when compared with tunnel tents, because of this I was a little doubtful when I was told that I was sleeping in the Nammatj on my first night in Sweden, but I quickly learnt that this is an awesome tent and I would argue the best winter tunnel tent on the market due to its weight to strength as well as the amount of head room you get in the tent. When pitched correctly with the front vestibule into the wind the tent stays at a comfortable temperature, it is a cosy 2 man but would make for an excellent 1 man winter expedition tent.

STAIKA – Black Label – (available on special order)

Out of the five tents I slept in in Sweden the most comfortable night sleep I had was in the Staika, It was very easy to put up and I liked the fact that both of the entrances had enough space to leave a pack in, this meant that the 2 people sharing the tent had their own space, this was also the case inside the tent as there was enough space for 2 people to sleep with a little extra space between. This combined with the extra amount of headroom in the tent made it very comfortable to stay in for longer than just a night and made it easier to change and prepare gear inside the tent. I was also surprised with how quite the tent was in windy conditions. Because of this the Staika is an excellent tent for poor conditions when weight isn’t the main priority.

ALLAK – Red Label - (available on special order)

The Allak shares a number of the same positives as the Staika, it has a good amount of space for 2 people, had storage space in the 2 entrances with the bounce of being lighter. I found that this was a comfortable tent and I would be very happy using it in 3 season conditions but when handling this tent compared with a black label even when considering the weight I know that I would prefer to stay in a Black label. I would say that this is an excellent option for people who want a strong dome tent to be mostly used in 3 season conditions with the occasional use in true 4 season conditions.

ANJAN 2 GT – Yellow Label

The Anjan 2 GT has all the benefits of a tunnel tent with the addition of a large storage area at the front of the tent as well as a large amount of ventilation. This is an amazing tent to use in warm climates, there is enough space for 2 people with gear to sleep in and the added ventilation makes it very comfortable in warm conditions, you can increase the ventilation by folding the front and back flysheet over the pole sections, this makes the mesh lining the only material showing at the front and back of the tent allowing a huge amount of air to pass through the tent. This along side the fact that the front door is just mesh makes the tent perfect for warm conditions, I found that the way the flysheet allows air to pass under it makes it very comfortable but in high winds causes a lot of the flysheet to flap in the wind which can be noisy. When sleeping in the tent in September I did wake up and find the tent very cold once I got out of my sleeping bag which only reiterates the fact that it is designed to maximise ventilation in warm conditions.

ROGEN – Yellow Label

The Rogen is a very different tent in the way it is pitched, this allows the tent to be very lite and to add maximum ventilation, I found it roomy and able to be adjusted to different situations well. Unlike other yellow label tents the rogen was very quite and seemed very strong, but was still cold inside at night. I would recommend this tent to people who want a stronger tent with a larger sleeping area for warm climates.

Hilleberg Tent in Sweden

Label Review

The Hilleberg label system divides our tents into one of four categories – Black, Red, Yellow, Blue. The blue range of Hilleberg tents are more specialised for a specific purpose such as group tents so were used for the group base station on the tour. The label reviews are below:


Black Label

Out of all the tents I stayed in the Black Label tents where the most comfortable and I had the best night sleep in them. While they are heavier, they are extremely strong and quite, they also offer more space making them ideal for longer expeditions. They are well ventilated but you need to pitch them properly to have the most comfortable night possible. I believe that if you are going to buy a Hilliberg for the first time it should be a black label as it is everything Hilleberg strive to achieve.


Red Label

I found that the Red Label tents a great weight for the strength of a 4 season tent, they had the ability to be made stronger by double poling the tent as well as adding thicker poles to the tent. The Red Label tents are great for people who are happy to sacrifice space for a lightweight 4-season tent.


Yellow Label

I found from the range of Yellow label tents I slept in during the Hilleberg Outdoor Academy that they are a great weight, extremely well vented and relatively strong. The yellow label range is very much a 3 season range, the tents have great features to use them in warm climates like the ability to pull back parts of the fly sheet exposing the mesh doors and vents as well as increase the ventilation further. The main thing that I noticed was that while the tents can survive in higher wind conditions they can get noisier than the other label tents, I also found that while I was comfortable in them in September they were noticeably colder inside compared with the other tents.