Gifts for the Daring Outdoorsman

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Gifts for the Daring Outdoorsman

Take a look as we count 10 pieces of kit for the intrepid men in your life.

1. A Victorinox Explorer Swiss Army Knife

With 16 different functions including two blades, a magnifying glass, bottle opener, tin opener, flat head and phillips screwdrivers (what more could you need?), a Victorinox Explorer screams the outdoors and has long established itself as the classic outdoor multi tool. In the classic Swiss Red colourway, you can't go wrong. The durability of this product will make something that he'll be handing it down with pride or indeed keeping very close forever. (These knives are often very treasured by their owners.)


2. A Tilley Hat


The Outstanding, super functional canadian headwear, popular with woodsman, paddlers, walkers campers, you name it! One of our most popular Tilley hats, the TH5 hemp fabric is soft and comfortable to wear, as well as being naturally breathable and resistant to UV light. Comes with all the standard Tilley features including UPF of 50, anti sweatband, ventilation grommets and secret pocket. Hemp is a really great fibre to use, it's tough stuff but has a cotton like feel and is more environmentally friendly too - a winner!

3. A Helinox Chair One

This durable, award winning Chair One is just what they need for their next outdoor adventure. The Chair One is a super light, compact and comfortable backpacking chair that you can carry anywhere. With a small pack size (smaller than a bottle of wine!) and a weight of just 960g, this chair is the absolute must have for every cyclist, hiker, camper and outdoor enthusiast; in short for everybody. The simple assembly with single-shock, corded-pole structure allows for a quick set-up and the 600-weave polyester seat is both weather, and UV resistant. The pole frame structure uses DAC - the leading manufacturer of tent poles. Helinox products incorporate many of the advanced features and quality found in DAC tent poles and this adds to the strength, low weight and durability.



4. A Sea-2-Summit X-set 11


Sometimes there is nothing better than a brew on the trail. It warms you up, reenergises you and helps you feel prepared for anything coming your way. This lightweight set of a kettle and two mugs packs down within itself really satisfyingly being made from flexible food grade silicone. The kettle has an alimium base which enables it to be placed on stoves and burners.The wide rim and stable handles allow the kettle to be used as a 1.3L pot or a 1L kettle (safe boiling capacity) and the wide aluminium base absorbs maximum heat. All of the pieces are calibrated as measuring cups, with measurements imprinted on the inside.

5. An MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove

What better to go with the X-set than a stove for the kettle to sit on? This tiny little stove screws on to the top of a gas cylinder and provides some serious heat. This new PocketRocket stove boasts a pressure regulator, making it consistently faster than the leading competition. It also features a durable piezo igniter, offering maximum ease of use. Perfect for backpackers seeking to shed weight without compromising on cooking experience. The pressure regulator maintains the stove's fast boil time even in cold weather and with low fuel and the fast, reliable piezo spark igniter is protected inside the burner for maximum durability. The broad burner improves wind resistance and is combined with simmer control for excellent cooking versatility.

6. A Pair Of Fjällräven Vidda Pro Trousers

A proper pair of outdoor trousers can go a long way. These trousers constructed out of Fjällräven's super tough G-1000 material are a durable trekking trouser for adventures in the mountains, hills or forest. Double layers over the knees and rear are perfect for kneeling and sitting. Six practical pockets including a map and an axe pocket. Elastic strap adjustment with press buttons on leg endings make keeping them in place and well fastened to your boots easy.

7. A Rab Kangri GTX Jacket



Forged from the brand new partnership between Rab and Gore-Tex, this hardy jacket is sure to keep him protected while walking accross the wet british hills and mountains for years and years to come. A waterproof jacket in the U.K weather is sure to become one of his most treasured pieces of kit. It features full adjustment throughout, including on the hood and around the hem, meaning it can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

The Kangri GTX Jacket from Rab is a perfectly versatile piece of waterproofing that is easy moving and durable.


8. A pair of Saxx Underwear

Christmas is a odlly enough the perfect time to stock up on pants and socks. Saxx underwear is very comfortable, featuring the patented Ballpark Pouch (which i suppose is a bit like a hammock built into the inside), let's just say they keep everything where it should be, restrict any chafing and make for the perfect underwear for hard outdoor activity. The 3 varieties within our range cover different needs with the Kinetic being perfect for active use, the vibe meant as a more casual everyday (Not literally!) underwear and the Quest 2.0 which is a fab allrounder but particulary suits long days of travel.

9. The Light my Fire Fire Lighting Kit

Fire lighting doesnt have to be an art. Light my fire, a company from Sweden have forged a wonderfully aesthetic firesteel set. The BioPlastic components to this kit are fully Bio-degradeable. The Firesteel is good for over 3000 strikes, creating a 3000 degree celsius spark. The Tinder-on-a-rope is loaded with sap and just a few shavings whittled off will be enough to get a fire going easily. It's fool proof. Added bonus: it also includes the grandpa's fork, an adjustable spring which slots over a stick to make the perfect toasting fork capable of cooking marshmallows and hotdogs nicely and safely over the fire.

10. A Pair of Meindl boots

Over its 300 year history of bootmaking, this Bavarian outdoor shoe maker has made some of the highest quality and most comfortable boots on the market. The Meindl Kansas GTX is a Gore-lined boot made up of a lovely waxed nubuck upper, this makes it completely waterproof. It has a really nice slight flex to the mid-sole which makes it a fantastic allrounder. The high ankle offers terrific support.

Like all Footwear, we recommend that the reciever of this gift comes into one of our stores in TauntonExeter or Bristol to try them on, recieve expert advice and come away with the perfect size which suits them. A gift card purchased from one of our stores is a great thing to unwrap on Christmas day.

These Gifts were curated by Oli & Jess who work very closely with all of our products, testing them to make sure that they make the perfect gift for the intrepid outdoor loving fella.