Free footwear check for Healthy Feet Month

Free Footwear check for Healthy Feet Month

Keen and amateur walkers are being invited to take advantage of our free footwear fitting service being offered as part of a national Healthy Feet Month

We’re supporting the April event, which is run by the College of Podiatry, by offering complimentary boot fittings daily during normal opening hours at our stores in Taunton, Exeter and Bristol.

Healthy Feet Month highlights the importance of correctly fitted shoes for all activities and hobbies, so we can all put our best foot forward when we’re out and about doing the things we love.

A footwear study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research last year revealed more than 60% of participants wore shoes that did not accommodate their feet by width or length.

There was further evidence to suggest that incorrect footwear fitting was associated with foot pain and disorders such as toe deformity, corns and calluses. The research went on to recommend that a greater emphasis should be placed on footwear fitting education.

Anyone looking for free expert advice on the right walking boots or shoes for them, should pop in to meet our in-store experts at one of our stores who know the best brands for wide, narrow and average feet, and will ensure they find the perfect fit.

We offer a good selection of shoes for those wishing to take up outdoor pursuits and for more experienced walkers, hikers and climbers too. Our range of footwear can accommodate the variations in foot morphology people have, particularly in relation to foot width.

For example, for people with wider feet, we stock Meindl comfort fit boots that have more space at the front, a firm grip on the heel, a wider base and a more defined contour that enables easier rollover when walking. We also stock Altberg boots and these boots come in different width fittings.

To add to our large range of shoes and boots we can also offer a fully trained fitting service for Superfeet premium insoles. Superfeet insoles move with your feet, providing support in all the right places at the right times. They help to stabilise your feet when wearing shoes as well as offering comfort and support at the same time.

The key to Superfeet’s unique design is the patented heel cup, stabiliser cap and firm foam that provide the shape, which supports the foot and arch.

We’re known for our free professional footwear fitting service, which goes above and beyond what any other retailer offers. We have exceptional knowledge and expertise as all the team are keen walkers, hikers and climbers, so know how important this is to have suitable footwear when they are out and about.

It’s vital, if you’re an active, outdoors enthusiast, that you have the correct, properly fitted, footwear, so you’re comfortable. We can help you find the perfect pair of walking boots that fit well and are so comfy they feel like slippers.

The free footwear fitting takes place at our three stores in Taunton, Bristol and Exeter during normal opening hours.

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