Best Glamping Tents 2019

Best Glamping Tents 2019

Glamorous camping, or "glamping" as it's more commonly known, is a popular form of camping that focuses on bringing some luxury and comfort to the whole 'sleeping outdoors' experience.

We've put together our five best glamping tents. Each with their own individual features, which make them highly desirable in their own right.

The Nordisk Asgard

The Asgard tents, both 19.2 and 12.6 models, have proven to be hugely popular over the last 5 years and they continue to draw attention. They present a unique and beautiful vision of what outside living could be; a home from home.

Outwell Belleville 7SA and Vango Valencia Air

The Outwell Belleville 7SA (pictured below) or the Stone Lake 7ATC and their cavernous space inside has darkened bedroom fabrics so you can enjoy a little longer in bed in the morning. The new panoramic door systems allows the whole tent to be opened up to enjoy the view.

The Vango Valencia Air 600XL also has a very large front living area and covered porch and this tent has a rear storage area and access doors behind the bedroom areas, a really neat idea to hide away the unwanted storage bags and cases etc.

These large family camping style tents provide practical living solutions for a luxurious camping experience.

Tentipi Safir 9

For those who want a simple, traditional, communal camping experience in a shelter that can be pitched in 5 minutes and have a fire inside – a Tentipi® Nordic Tipi is the ideal solution. This year Tentipi's have been used by BBC Springwatch and a number of events.

The Safir in particular has a great size to weight ratio. For the amount of room you get inside, the size and weight of it when it's packed is only 14.9kg. It's probably also the only one of these tents that you could take on a polar expedition!

Robens Fairbanks

The Fairbanks is a lovely little tipi tent that sleeps for and offers stunning value. Lightweight, well made and easy to pitch, this tent is ideal for a small family, or a couple, who want the luxury of a polycotton flysheet that keeps the tent cooler on the inside on hot days thanks to it's breathability.