Berghaus - At home in the mountains.

Berghaus - At Home in the Mountains

Learn a little about the birth and roots of Berghaus, the classic British brand synonymous with the classic British waterproof and the intrepid international mountaineer.

Berghaus is a stand out British brand near synonymous with the classic British water proof jacket. Almost everyone has a relative or friend who still owns a vintage, long cut Berghaus jacket or fleece from the 80s or 90s which still to this day despite being over 30 years old can hold their own on a rainy dog walk or windy stroll along the beach. Berghaus however is not a brand which remains in the past, it is at its core still a very innovative and modern maker of excellent, tough outdoor garments and gear. They are known for using very durable materials and make some of the toughest Gore-Tex jackets on the market.

Despite what you may guess from the name (meaning literally: Mountain House, in German), Berghaus is indeed British. It has its roots in 1966, Newcastle, where mountaineers Gordon Davison and Peter Lockey, frustrated with the gear available to them at the time, decided to import and sell their own. Their specialist outdoor store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, went by the name of the LD Mountain Centre and quickly gained a reputation for selling the very good, high-performance, outdoor products. It didn’t end here, soon Lockey and Davison started to design, test and make their own gear for sale in the shop. High quality and innovative, it became a major success with climbers and mountaineers and so began the Berghaus brand.

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Berghaus have since established themselves as a very mordern and innovative brand, catering excellent outdoor garments for a whole spectrum of adventurers, still making their tried and true, long cut jackets but with modern features for the everyday hillwalker. Their obsession with reliability has aided them in creating some excellent mountaineering gear over the years as well. With a team of over 20 extraordinary athletes on board including the world-famous climber and adventurer Leo Houlding, top mountainner Mick Fowler and multi-skilled husband and wife team Philippe and Anna Gatta, Berghaus continue to blaze a trail in the outdoor world. Many outstanding outdoor achievements have been done in a piece of Berghaus gear.

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This article was written by Oli who runs the Taunton Leisure Blog. Oli's family is still in proud possession of his mum's old Berghaus jacket, bought in 1993, it still makes its way out frequently on windy beach walks and wet, muddy dog strolls across Devon.