Anatom Q2 Classic Hiking Boots Review

Anatom History

Anatom are a company that herald from Scotland – so they definitely know a thing or two about how best to tackle tricky terrain and difficult weather. Whilst they may not currently hold the reputation of Scarpa, Meindl or Altberg yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if they grab that popularity soon enough. Each Anatom boot is produced with the company’s Tri.Aria membrane, focussing on the three components we need most from a pair of outdoor boots or shoes: Waterproofness, Breathability and Care. To Anatom, this is as much an ethos as a technical inclusion; they aim to ensure the user has a positive experience using their products – which can easily be seen when you have a pair.

The Test

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to test out a pair of their Q2 Classic Hiking boots – taking them on two ‘test drives’ at opposite ends of the country – their first run out came on an Autumn hike up Ben Lomond, Glasgow, and the other in a winter walk closer to home, in Dulverton on Exmoor.


Aesthetically, you see a traditional leather, well-made boot – and when taking them out into the field, you can start to appreciate the finer details that make this boot a fantastic choice.

The boots are fully waterproof – whilst this is to be expected due to the leather outer, it’s still a big positive. There are many boots that can tackle a puddle or two before succumbing to a small trickle through the outer, but these boots kept my feet dry and warm through my trips, enduring many river crossings in Exmoor and experiencing no issues with the torrential rain that lingers around Ben Lomond.

The Vibram Grivola sole and stability

The sturdy Vibram Grivola sole is designed specifically for the hiker – it’s a lightweight sole, but also stays stable over any rocky and loose terrain – a huge benefit when tackling the inconsistent ground you tend to experience on an extensive hike and something I would vouch for based on my experience.


The combination of the Grivola sole and the Italian leather outer bring together one of the Q2’s biggest advantages – it’s a vastly lightweight boot. I’ve often heard the phrase ‘slippers in the field’ used to describe how you know when you’ve got the perfect boot for you, and that’s a title I would definitely extend to my Q2s. Due to the combination of all 3 key advantages, you hardly notice they’re on your feet – for me, that’s one of the biggest compliments you can pay a boot.

If I had one small negative, it would be the sizing from a customer buying perspective – whilst my pair fits perfectly, it’s well worth getting your pair fitted professionally in-store as I ended up with a size smaller than I would typically take.

Recommended for Duke of Edinburgh and Ten Tors

Overall, I would certainly recommend this boot. To me, they’re perfect for anyone thinking of undertaking Ten Tors of the Duke of Edinburgh award – they’re nowhere near as expensive as the high-end boots we stock, but still deliver fantastic performance.

Duncan is a Buying Assistant and works with some of our key brands. He has completed two Ten Tors and spends most of his free time playing hockey and cricket. He also enjoys hiking on Exmoor and the Quantocks.

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