Taunton Leisure Suppliers of Quality Outdoor Equipment and Clothing

We are an independent business started by the Clark family over 40 years ago and now run by Simon Clark. With that many years experience in retailing outdoor equipment we are ideally placed to research, test and stock the widest possible range for the outdoors.

We have seen brands come and go and advances in materials and products change but when we select something to stock we always ask the same questions, for function / design and value is it the best we can sell our customers?

Our aim is simple, to provide affordable high quality outdoor equipment and offer the service and advice to equal this level. When it comes to advice our staff are amongst the best in the industry and are constantly being trained on the products that we sell and equally as important they use the equipment on a regular basis. We employ climbers, walkers, campers, caravanners, travellers and just about everything else in between. They are out there on the hills, crags, campsites and mountains all year and can offer advice for your adventures often from their direct experience.

We look forward to seeing you in store, speaking with you on the phone and serving you online, thanks for visiting Taunton Leisure!